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You may never need to remember another Wi-Fi password again

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A new Chrome OS update that would automatically share Wi-Fi passwords between an individual’s Chromebook and Android device is reportedly close to release.

The feature would represent the strengthening of Google’s Better Together initiative, which aims to bring the company’s laptop and mobile operating systems closer in line with one another.

Details are currently thin on the ground regarding the new feature, with speculation based on nothing more than a few lines of code found within Google APKs. It is not clear, therefore, how exactly the password sharing arrangement will work or when it will become available.

The best guess thus far suggests that Bluetooth will be used to sync passwords between Chromebooks and Android phones automatically as long as one device is connected. It is believed that the syncing will eventually be made available for the Android device that individuals are already using for the Smart Lock and Instant Tethering features.

Better together

Although the code relating to password syncing was originally discovered back in August, speculation resurfaced after an update to version 20.45 of the Google Play Services beta contained further references to the feature. Even then, it was initially unclear whether it would only be made available to the newest devices. However, the APK code suggests that because Google Play Services will handle the password syncing, it should be made available to older Android phones too.

Google has lagged behind Apple when it comes to creating a cohesive ecosystem for its multitude of devices. The Better Together initiative, which was launched back in 2018, has admittedly brought better integration between mobile and laptop products but Google has a difficult task on its hand, with the Android ecosystem particularly fragmented.

Still, Google is working hard on integrating Android and its Chrome OS. A couple of months ago, it was revealed that the search engine firm was working on a suite of features, called ‘Phone Hub’, that would bring notification mirroring and task continuation to its Chrome operating system.

Via 9to5Google


17 Nov 2020



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