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Xbox Series X could seriously disappoint PC owners thanks to this missing feature

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Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and S consoles have just been released, but it turns out that there’s some sad news for previous Xbox owners who used the streaming feature to play console games on their PC via their local network (using Wi-Fi or a wired connection).

For those not in the know, this local streaming feature works via the Xbox Companion app on Windows 10 PCs, but it doesn’t support Microsoft’s freshly released consoles, as Microsoft MVP Rafael Rivera pointed out in a tweet.

Clearly this will be disappointing for some PC owners who’ve enjoyed this feature with their Xbox One, although there are some hopeful denizens on Twitter who are keeping their fingers crossed that perhaps Microsoft will add this feature for the Xbox Series X and Series S in time.

However, the above highlighted entry in Microsoft’s Xbox support document does sound rather final in terms of game streaming to PCs only being available for the Xbox One generation machines.

But why?

As to why Microsoft made this move, that’s not clear at this point, but there was certainly no warning given that game streaming to PCs was being removed at launch for the Xbox Series consoles.

One theory is that the reason for the dismissal of this feature could be something to do with Microsoft’s xCloud streaming service, which allows you to stream Xbox games to your PC, and other devices besides, like your mobile (although not locally, of course; this is a cloud service).

Via MS Poweruser


11 Nov 2020



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