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We tracked down the largest USB flash drive in the world and got a nasty surprise

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Kingston 2TB DataTraveler Ultimate GT - £1123.99 direct
(roughly $1,450/AU$ 2,000)
If you're looking for the largest USB flash drive capacity, don’t mind paying over the odds and demand the absolute smallest volume, the DataTraveler Ultimate GT is the choice for you.View Deal

From UK-based Kingston comes the 2TB DataTraveler Ultimate GT (DTUGT/2TB), the world's largest USB flash drive.

Three years is a very long time in technology and while we know for a fact that the average price of the components needed to make USB flash drives has fallen significantly, the price of this 2TB behemoth has not.

At £1123.99 (around AU$2,000, $1,450), it is horrendously expensive compared to 1TB models such as the Patriot Supersonic Rage Elite, which costs a quarter of the price per TB.

The widespread availability of tiny portable solid state drives that are barely any bigger than the DataTraveler Ultimate make the USB drive look an even worse option. 

The 2TB Sabrent Rocket Nano SSD costs $300 at Amazon and measures 105x45x 14mm, excluding the cable. The DataTraveler Ultimate GT is 75x27x21mm, excluding the cable but including the USB connector.

Anyone that buys a 2TB flash drive must have a very particular use case, especially as there are now many faster storage devices that make Kingston’s champion a strange choice indeed.

Still, with a five year warranty and a slider mechanism that protects the USB connector, it will appeal to those who want the very best at any cost, even if it means a far slow transfer rate.

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14 Oct 2020



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    As more and more businesses continue to return to offices, Zoom is looking to cement its position as one of the best enterprise apps out there. 

    At its recent Work Transformation Summit, the  video conferencing giant unveiled Zoom IQ for Sales, an AI-powered service for salespeople that is able to quickly analyze sales meetings and produce insights. 

    Zoom IQ is an add-on for Zoom Meetings and aims to help organisations become more efficient by highlighting important insights that might otherwise be missed. The service is integrated in Zoom (naturally), Salesforce, and other enterprise services. 

    A platform for work 

    “Zoom is always searching for ways to help our customers elevate their end customers’ experience and Zoom IQ for Sales is the latest development in that journey,” Zoom's Josh Dulberger told TechCrunch

    “Zoom IQ for Sales … [can] identify opportunities, assess risks and ultimately enable and improve sales team performance. It uses natural language processing models to process post-meeting transcripts and deal progress data, generating insights for sales reps and managers.”

    Zoom IQ for Sales is available now as an add-on for Zoom Meetings customers with the company adding that support for Zoom Phone is also coming soon

    While Zoom was an early winner from the pandemic, its fortunes since have been mixed. The company's stock, which rocketed up and to the right in 2020, has come back to earth with a thud. 

    After reaching a high of $559 in October 2020, Zoom now trades at $114, a not unrespectable figure but a far cry from where it has been. 

    Efforts like IQ for Sales are Zoom's attempt at expanding its usefulness to organisations beyond purely video calls – and compete with Microsoft Teams.

    After being a little slow off the block, Microsoft went into overdrive to build and promote Teams, which seamlessly integrated with the broader Microsoft 365 suite. 

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    Whether Zoom can catch up remains to be seen, but tools like IQ for Sales are a very good starting point. 

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