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Vodafone's new Pro broadband deals come with £80 vouchers until tonight

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Roll back to March 2020 and much of the country was preparing for a new dawn of working from home. 12 months on and that prospect doesn't appear to be disappearing anytime soon, which makes getting the best and most stable broadband deals as important as ever.

For Vodafone's part, it has today released a new internet product that could be a great colleague for anybody staring at a forseeable future working solely from their home office.

Vodafone Pro is promising "unbreakable broadband", with 'Super-Wi-Fi' that seeks to guarantee you a solid signal in every room of your home - even those usually hard-to-reach black spots. That should hopefully be the end of those embarrasing freezes when you're in the middle of Zoom calls!

That's not all, though, as Vodafone Pro customers also get a litany of extra perks, such as a 4G-enabled broadband back-up, extra customer support, antivirus from Norton, and options to improve your plan with add-ons. You can read more on what's included below.

  • Get the fastest broadband for less with today's best fibre deals

Vodafone Pro broadband deal in full:

Vodafone Pro broadband | 35Mb avg speed | From £35 month + £80 Amazon voucher
The new Pro package takes the usual Vodafone broadband deals and builds from there. So there's the bear minimum of 35Mb fibre speeds, which will be good enough for most households. Or you can pay more to go all the way up to a scarcely believable 900Mb average speed. Rapid! And until 11.59pm tonight, Vodafone will throw in an £80 voucher too! This can be used at Amazon, Tesco or M&S

What else do I get with Vodafone Pro?

If you're looking at that monthly cost and thinking: "Well, I can get cheap broadband deals for much less than that", then you're absolutely right. This isn't the most cost effective offer on the market and Vodafone certainly isn't trying to claim that it is.

As Max Taylor, Consumer Director, Vodafone UK, says: “Our customers tell us that fast, reliable and secure connectivity is more important than it’s ever been, and even when there is a return to ‘normal’ their demands for great broadband will continue.”

If it's an absolute bargain you're after then you're better off just going for Vodafone Superfast 2, which gets you average speeds of 63Mb, bills of £24 per month and an £80 Amazon voucher thrown in, too.

Vodafone Pro add-ons

Vodafone Pro is all about the quality of your home internet experience and that's where you'll find the value. By paying that little bit more for your broadband deal, you have the chance to benefit from the following included features:

  • Broadband back-up: this is the so-called "unbreakable" part, as Vodafone will give you a 4G home broadband connection if ever your fixed line goes down
  • Super Wi-Fi: get Wi-Fi signal in every room thanks to boosters - so a bit like BT Broadband's Complete Wi-Fi product
  • Free cancellation guarantee: customers who aren’t satisfied will be offered the opportunity to leave their contract fee-free
  • Wi-Fi Xperts: excuse the spelling... Vodafone is lining up a dedicated engineer team who will "proactively monitor and fix customers’ issues"
  • Faster Fibre Promise: free upgrade to full fibre to the premise (FTTP) as soon as it rolls out in your street
  • Pro Xtra: for an extra £8 a month you can add 4K Apple TV, Apple TV Plus streaming service and unlimited landline and mobile calls
  • Norton antivirus: access to the famed antivirus provider and parental controls


08 Mar 2021



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