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Virgin's market-leading fibre broadband deal comes to an end this weekend

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Scouring the internet for a fantastic broadband deal this weekend? While there are plenty of discounts to be had, the best looks like it will be coming from Virgin right now.

The brand is offering its M100 fibre package at a price of just £24 a month. That plan offers speeds averaging 108Mb - roughly double most contracts at this price point. And to top of an already tempting offer, Virgin will also throw in a £75 Amazon voucher.

However, Virgin is listing an end date of Sunday 31 for this deal meaning you don't have long to get it. There is also the point that Virgin isn't the most readily available internet provider in the UK.

Can't get Virgin where you live or you'll miss the end date? TalkTalk has an excellent alternative offer. We've listed both of these broadband deals down below for you to see, offering the best broadband prices this weekend.

Virgin's impressive fibre broadband deals:

Virgin M100 Fibre Broadband | 18 months | 108Mb average speed | £24 per month | FREE activation + £75 Amazon voucher
Right now, Virgin has the best broadband deal on the market. It costs you just £24 a month while supplying some incredible speeds averaging 108Mb. That is almost double what most other plans are able to secure you for this price. On top of that, Virgin is also throwing in a £75 Amazon voucher.
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An alternative offer from TalkTalk:

TalkTalk Fibre 65 Broadband: 24 months | Avg speeds 67Mb | FREE activation | £24 per month + £80 voucher
Can't get Virgin where you live? The next best choice comes from TalkTalk, offering speeds averaging 67Mb for just £24 a month. That alone is a brilliant offer but then TalkTalk is including an £80 voucher on top. That voucher can be used as a Mastercard, at M&S, Tesco or on
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Today's best broadband deals:


29 Jan 2021



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