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Two of Virgin's best fibre broadband deals are leading the market right now

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When it comes to picking out new broadband deals, Virgin Media is on a roll right now. Whether you're simply after fast fibre internet speeds or an all-inclusive broadband and TV package, Virgin is currently offering some excellent pricing and extra incentives to top it off.

For anyone considering investing in fibre broadband deals, Virgin's M100 package currently sits as one of the best options on the market. It will only cost you £24 a month while scoring you speeds averaging 108Mb - roughly double the speeds offered by other similarly priced plans.

On top of all of that, Virgin will also throw in a £50 Amazon voucher - perfect for the approaching Amazon Prime Day.

More interested in broadband and TV deals? Virgin has you covered there too. Virgin's Big Bundle - its cheapest internet and TV offer - currently comes with £50 in bill credit, bringing its cost down further. That makes it the best option around beating out the likes of BT, Sky and Now.

You can see both of these Virgin broadband deals below, with more details as to what each tariff includes.

Virgin broadband deals:

Virgin M100 Fibre Broadband | 12 months | 108Mb average speed | £24 per month | FREE activation + £50 voucher
This latest offer from Virgin is pretty fantastic. It offers speeds averaging 108Mb at a price of just £24 a month. There's nothing to pay upfront and on top of the excellent speeds and pricing combo, Virgin is also throwing in a £50 voucher. In terms of nailing price and speed, Virgin is head and shoulders above the rest.
View Deal

Virgin Big Bundle | 18 months | 54Mb average speed | 80 channels | £33 per month | £35 activation + £50 bill credit
Want to get some TV channels in with your internet package? Virgin's Big Bundle provides speeds averaging 54Mb, 80 channels, the ability to rewind live TV and will currently only cost you £33 a month. On top of that, Virgin is currently throwing in £50 in bill credit on top, bringing your costs down that extra bit. Along with all of your freeview channels, Virgin's Big Bundle offers PBS America, Sky Sports Racing in HD, CNN international, all of the main CBS channels and Quest channels. View Deal

Is Virgin fibre broadband available in my area?

Approximately 60% of UK households can get superfast Virgin broadband. It's quite simple to find out if you're included in this percentage - head over to our dedicated Virgin broadband deals page, enter your postcode where indicated (at the top of the page) and if the deals show as available then you're good to go.

If no results are returned, then head to our best broadband deals page instead and do exactly the same thing to see whether you can get superfast fibre broadband with another provider, such as BT Fibre broadband.

Existing Virgin Media broadband customers

Sorry, the Virgin website states that these limited-time offers are for new customers only. However, there's no harm in trying to get a slice of the pie, so if you're already a Virgin broadband customer we suggest you get in touch with customer services before trying to place an order.

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Today's best broadband deals:


03 Aug 2020



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    Let’s come back to analyzing what that might mean shortly, but it’s certainly interesting to see one of Team Red’s RDNA 2 GPUs finally making its way onto the graphics card rankings for the September hardware report that Valve compiles based on the Steam user base.

    To be precise, it’s the AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT which makes the cut, but only by the thinnest of margins, registering a 0.16% share among Steam gamers. The very bottom of the table is propped up by GPUs on 0.15%, so you can see that the 6700 XT only just sneaked above these. On Nvidia’s side, it’s level pegging with the GeForce RTX 3050 Ti which is on 0.16% too.

    Nvidia is dominant in the GPU arena, of course, and even AMD’s top-ranked graphics card, the Radeon RX 580, only holds a 1.65% share, putting it in 12th position. All 11 cards above that are Nvidia models, with Ampere’s RTX 3070 actually placing just ahead of the RX 580 in 11th position (1.69%).

    The most popular graphics card with Steam gamers currently is the GTX 1060 (with an 8.64% share), according to the latest survey.

    Analysis: Could the RX 6600 XT make bigger inroads?

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    We’ve certainly been hearing some more positive things about stock levels with the latest RX 6600 XT card, as you may have seen, and we might see this make more of a mark than the 6700 XT – it’s very new to the scene, of course, having emerged in August, so it’ll take time to register greater sales numbers, no doubt. So, in the big picture, Nvidia may have a little cause for concern here on its rival’s cards, even if a 0.16% share for one Big Navi product is hardly an immediate worry.

    Finally, we should remember to take the 6700 XT GPU’s apparent small victory here with some caution, particularly when such a small percentage of market share is involved at the bottom of the graphics card table. The gains of the 6700 XT could to some extent be a reflection of changes in the gamers who are involved in the Steam survey (it’s not a constant group of the same PCs covered, as participation is optional, and therefore those taking part will change from month-to-month).

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