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Twitter at it again: Shows J&K and Ladakh outside India map on its website

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It is almost as if Twitter is spoiling for a fight with the Indian government. Close on the heels of its interim grievance officer quitting it --- and that is expected to trigger further uproar --- the microblogging platform seems to have slipped into another controversy almost seamlessly.

Twitter website is displaying a wrong map of India, showing Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh as a separate country. The map that appears on the ‘Tweep Life’ section shows Jammu & Kashmir, and Ladakh detached from India.

As it happens, this is the second time Twitter has misrepresented India's map. Earlier it had shown Leh as part of China.

Leh is the headquarters of Union Territory of Ladakh, and both Ladakh as well as Jammu and Kashmir are integral and inalienable parts of India.

Twitter, a repeat offender

Twitter's latest faux pas, whether intended or unintended, has triggered an avalanche of opinion on Twitter, with many users calling for strict action against it from the Indian government.

Reports have it that the government is apprised of the issue and is set to take action against Twitter.

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The last time when Twitter misrepresented India on the map, the government shot off a letter to its CEO Jack Dorsey, warning that any attempt by the social media giant to “disrespect sovereignty and integrity of India, which is also reflected by the maps, is totally unacceptable and also unlawful”. India also raised questions about Twitter's neutrality and fairness as an intermediary.

With this repeat offence, Twitter may be in for some bigger trouble now.

"Considering the way that we have to deal with it almost daily, we might as well have a separate ministry to deal with Twitter," a bureaucrat quipped today.

Though what he said was in jest, it is a fact that Twitter and Indian government have been engaged in a tussle over the new social media rules.

The government has slammed Twitter for deliberate defiance and failure to comply with the country's new IT rules, which has led to the microblogging platform losing its legal shield as an intermediary in India, and becoming liable for users posting any unlawful content.


28 Jun 2021



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    That said, the assertions on the performance front certainly sound much more in the realms of speculation, and as ever with these kinds of early rumors, we’ve got to be pretty cautious around everything talked about here.

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    Broadly, though, MLID is looking at Nvidia beating AMD to the punch for launch timeframe.

    Analysis: Is this AMD’s big move to grab some serious desktop GPU turf?

    RDNA 3 graphics cards running with greater levels of efficiency is hardly a surprise, but the theory that they’ll absolutely leave Nvidia Lovelace GPUs in the dust is not something we’ve heard before. That would be quite a win for Team Red, and admittedly we have witnessed a string of worrying rumors about exactly how power-hungry Nvidia’s next-gen graphics products might be.

    This is important particularly at the higher-end, as if Nvidia’s cards really do make some punishing demands on the power front, it could mean gamers are looking at a PSU upgrade – and rather than go that route, if RX 7000 GPUs are indeed way more power-efficient, prospective buyers might change their minds and go Team Red.

    It’s also interesting to hear MLID express some cynicism around some of the rumors which have been peddled before about Nvidia Lovelace GPUs promising more than double the performance of current Ampere cards – such as the claim that the RTX 4090 could offer approaching triple the performance of the existing Nvidia flagship.

    The leaker puts forward the view that those kinds of estimations are overblown, and that while those other predictions of doubling performance are possible, they’d require Nvidia to push power consumption massively (as is rumored, to be fair, as we already mentioned). MLID certainly believes Lovelace will represent a bigger generational performance increase than Ampere was over Turing, and that it’ll be impressive, but it could be more like a 60% to 80% gain rather than an outright doubling.

    This theory that some rumor mongers may have exaggerated Lovelace’s performance increase is partly the reason for MLID’s line of thought that AMD’s RDNA 3 cards will be competitive in terms of raw frame rates (as well as providing much better efficiency).

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    Nvidia being out earlier though, in theory – and with Team Green also upping availability, as broadly speaking, all GPU stock levels are expected to get much better as 2022 rolls onwards – will still be a big advantage, and we shouldn’t get carried away with speculation on how well things might go for AMD.

    This is just speculation, after all, and the equation of how the GPU war pans out has another element for consideration, too – namely Intel’s entry into the market with Arc Alchemist cards and how that affects the balance of power. In short, there’s a lot of road to travel yet for 2022, but certainly these latest whispers from the grapevine won’t be comforting for dominant desktop power Nvidia.

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    That's as per reverse engineering tipster @nima_owji (via 9to5Mac), who has done some digging into the Twitter app code. These features aren't actually live yet for users, but it looks as though the software is laying the groundwork for them.

    Rumors about reactions coming to Twitter have been swirling for months now. When they appear, they should work in a similar way to the equivalent feature on Facebook: you'll be able to add a thinking face, a sad face, a laughing face, a clap or a heart to any tweet that you come across on the platform.

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    Down with the tweets

    As for the downvotes feature, this is something else we've heard about before, this time through official channels. With more of the Twitter app code now geared up for downvote support, it would appear it's going to roll out more widely soon.

    From what we know so far, it looks as though Twitter is going to use downvotes to filter out spammy and abusive replies. The author of a tweet that gets downvoted won't be notified, and downvotes won't appear publicly on the timeline, but there will be an option to hide tweets and replies that have been marked in this way.

    There's still no official word from Twitter on when these features might roll out properly, but as they've been in the works for months, it shouldn't be too long now – keep your eyes on the Twitter app on your phone.

    Analysis: Twitter adds more context to replies


    (Image credit: Future)

    There's no doubt that Twitter can be an incredibly entertaining, educational and fun digital place to be – but it's also true that abusive and negative comments are widespread on the platform as well, especially when it comes to certain topics.

    With emoji reactions and downvotes, Twitter is giving itself a whole host of new ways to collect data about the quality of a tweet – whether or not it's worthy to be viewed by the wider public – and that's going to come in useful in regards to automatic moderation.

    The reactions also add something that Twitter doesn't necessarily have a lot of at the moment: nuance. The options to like and reply are of course very useful, but sometimes you do want to show empathy, or start a round of applause, and so on.

    While any change to Twitter is likely to rile some of its userbase, these two incoming changes look like well thought-out, helpful additions to the functionality of the social media platform – and we're looking forward to being able to try them out.

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