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TouchBistro Inc POS system

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TouchBistro Inc is a multinational point of service (POS) software provider operating in the restaurant and hospitality industries. It often comes up in conversations about the best POS systems for restaurants, although some online reviews suggest that it might not be quite as good as it appears at first glance. 

In the rest of this TouchBistro evaluation, we analyze every aspect of this company to help you determine whether or not it’s a viable option for your business. We look at its prices, main features, user interface, support, and more so you don’t have to. 

TouchBistro Inc POS system

TouchBistro offers a range of POS solutions for various business types (Image credit: TouchBistro Inc)

Plans and pricing

TouchBistro provides a small amount of pricing information, but there isn’t nearly as much transparency as we would have liked to see. According to the company’s website, POS licenses start from just $69 per month, which is comparable to the entry-level plans of most other companies. This includes various menu management, table management, and analytics tools, as well as 24/7/365 support. Unfortunately, though, there’s no readily available information about what higher-end plans are available or what they include. 

There are various add-ons, including online ordering (starting from $50 per month) and reservation (starting from $229 per month) tools. Gift card support is also available from $25 per month. 

On top of this, you can expect to pay some sort of card processing and/or transaction fees. However, these will vary according to your country/region, and the TouchBistro website provides no information about exactly what you will pay. 

TouchBistro Inc POS system

POS software licenses start at $69 per month (Image credit: TouchBistro Inc)

How it works

TouchBistro uses an iPad-based system that’s designed for ease of use and flexibility. Getting started is quite easy, and, in many cases, you will be able to access professional technical assistance to ensure you’re up and running as soon as possible. 

Small businesses will benefit from a streamlined single-iPad system which allows you to use just one terminal to take and manage orders and process payments. Medium-sized systems with up to five iPads can be used with another iPad acting as the central terminal, allowing you to take orders and process payments directly from the table. And finally, larger systems can be custom-built with a more powerful computer as the central hub, allowing you to connect as many mobile devices as required. 

The user interface itself is quite attractive and functional, if a little clunky. There are various add-on integrations available, including a kitchen display system, a self-ordering kiosk display, and a customer-facing display. These allow you to present relevant information when and where required.

TouchBistro Inc POS system

The POS interface is simple and easy to use (Image credit: TouchBistro)

Features and services

Like most restaurant-specific POS systems, TouchBistro offers a range of features designed to help you maximize occupancy, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. 

One of our favorite features is TouchBistro’s table management tool. Sure, this isn’t unique by any stretch of the imagination, but it does let you create a custom floor plan that mirrors your restaurant, making ongoing management easier than ever. 

TouchBistro’s tableside ordering and payment tools also stand out as excellent. These provide your staff with everything they need to maximize order value, ensure they are taking orders accurately and efficiently, and process payments fast and flexibly. 

There’s nothing worse than being forced to make important business decisions without knowing what you should be doing. TouchBistro eliminates the need for this by providing a range of powerful reports and in-depth analytics, allowing you to make data-driven decisions based on real information. 

Save a significant amount of time with TouchBistro’s powerful staff management and scheduling tools. These simplify the scheduling process, allowing you to create new rosters with the click of a button, track employee working hours and labor costs, and communicate directly with employees if there are any concerns.

TouchBistro Inc POS system

TouchBistro’s analytics tools stand out as excellent (Image credit: TouchBistro)

Support and customer care

TouchBistro provides a range of support services, including multinational phone support and email service through its online contact form. It also has local offices in the United States, Canada, the UK, and Mexico, which have their own local phone numbers and contact information. 

There are also self-help resources available through the Support & Training center, including various setup tutorials and user guides. There are even useful videos detailing specific actions. 

However, online customer reports don’t paint a great picture of TouchBistro’s support and post-sales customer care. The company receives a rating of 4.2/5 stars (from 308 reviews) on Capterra, a popular software review site, but its customer service rating is only 3.9. A large proportion of reviews touch on poor customer care and support services, which is a major concern.

TouchBistro Inc POS system

There are various self-help resources, but reports suggest that things might not be as good as they appear (Image credit: TouchBistro )

The competition

If you’re looking for a higher-rated restaurant POS service provider, we’d recommend checking out Upserve. Its software prices start from $59 per month, it uses a very flexible system, and its customer service is reported to be excellent. 

Another great option is Square, which offers flexible POS services tailored to various industries. It doesn’t charge any monthly software fees, but you will be hit with 2.6% + 10c transaction fees.

Final verdict

All things considered, TouchBistro provides excellent restaurant POS solutions. Its customer service receives poor ratings across the web, but reports suggest that this is largely because its agents are slow and response times can be long. 

At the end of the day, the company’s feature-rich software, competitive prices, and simple setup process more than outweigh these negatives. We’d recommend checking out TouchBistro if you’re looking for a powerful, data-driven POS program that’s designed specifically for restaurants.


07 Dec 2020



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