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This top password manager wants to help kill them off for good

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Keeper Security, one of the most popular password managers, has launched a new service to help businesses manage all their Single Sign-On (SSO) from a unified platform.

Keeper SSO Connect is pitched as a means to close any SSO security gaps by providing a unified secure authentication mechanism that works across your websites, systems and applications.

“SSO provides great convenience for enterprise employees to access a handful of cloud applications with a single login. However, this leaves large security gaps for protecting the thousands of websites and services that employees use, in addition to other confidential information that needs to be protected in an encrypted vault,” said Craig Lurey, Keeper Security co-founder and CTO.

Password-less authentication

Keeper SSO Connect is layered on top of existing identity access management solutions, and helps extend the benefits of their zero-knowledge password encryption system, to any SAML 2.0-compatible identity provider including Microsoft Azure, Okta, Jumpcloud, Ping, Duo or OneLogin.

With the new release that’s offered as a Software-As-A-Service (SaaS), users just need to log into their Keeper vault through a SAML-2.0-compatible third-party SSO. This will initiative an authentication request from the recognized device via two-factor authentication and allow access.

The company also shares that the new service will allow administrators to track the password practices of their employees, with the aim of enforcing security policies. 

In addition to the easy to use SaaS version of the service, Keeper SSO Connect is also available as an on-prem solution.


09 Mar 2021



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