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This super secure crypto wallet is made of aerospace-grade metal, but it'll certainly cost you

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Singapore-based crypto wallet company Gray has announced a new series of high-end hardware wallets, designed to offer a “blend of function and luxury”.

As with the company’s existing models, the new range supports upwards of 1,500 different altcoins and is built on the same foundations as the Trezor Model T from SatoshiLabs, one of the most popular security-focused wallets on the market.

According to Gray, the new devices are physically hardy too, with each “individually machined from aerospace grade aluminum, sandblasted and anodized”. In other words, they should be able to withstand a beating.

The new aluminum range is available in four colors - gray, blue, purple and red - which Kevin Wu, Gray CEO, hopes will “appeal to a new wave of crypto users globally”.

Hardware crypto wallets

The anonymous and decentralized nature of crypto networks, as well as the lack of any fall-back mechanisms, means crypto owners are more likely to lose their funds than customers of traditional banks. For this reason, it’s important for anyone that owns a large pool of crypto to store it in the most secure manner possible.

Hardware wallets are widely considered one of the best ways of securing private keys, without which crypto cannot be stolen. With a hardware wallet, these keys are kept on a physical device that is not connected to the internet, and so insulated from remote hacking attempts.

However, superior security also comes at a price; in comparison to internet-connected hot wallets, which are totally free and still allow users to control their own private keys, hardware wallets are a much more expensive way of storing crypto.

The new aluminum models from Grey, for example, start at a hefty $599/£424, while the company’s titanium range goes all the way up to $1,999/£1,412, depending on the colour scheme.

These particular hardware wallets, which don’t appear to offer any additional protection beyond the cheaper Trezor Model T (costing $170), are pitched exclusively at users for whom aesthetics are an overriding priority.


25 Feb 2021



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