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This outlandish lifetime cloud storage deal leaves us with mixed feelings

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100GB Koofr Cloud Storage with Lifetime subscription - $29.99 at StackCommerce
While most other cloud storage providers charge monthly subscription fees, Koofr offers a lifetime subscription regardless of whether you choose its 100GB, 250GB or 1TB plan. You can access your files stored on its servers from the web, mobile and even using WebDav. Just bear in mind that lifetime often comes with some risks. View Deal

There has been a surge in the numbers of cloud storage services that offer a lifetime subscription to a fixed amount of storage and a standard subscription to “unlimited amount of storage” and at least one of them, Zoolz, has abandoned lifetime cloud storage altogether because it is not sustainable.

And therein lies the issue with anything that’s unlimited, unless you have some sort of restriction, the numbers simply don’t have up. While anything that depends on network resources can sort of get away with it, anything that relies on finite hardware (like hard disk drives) have to essentially conjure up some sort of magic.

Koofr for example pits itself as the only cloud storage that doesn’t track you, a statement that we’re sure, the likes of pCloud, iDrive, Microsoft (OneDrive) and many others will thoroughly disagree with. Files, the provider says, are encrypted at rest or during transfer.

With capacities ranging from 100GB all the way to 1TB, it scores points for having no size limits for file uploads, thumbnail preview (great for storing photos in the cloud) and for offering easy connection to your other cloud storage accounts (Amazon S3, Dropbox and others).

It can remove duplicate files and there’s even a mobile app for Huawei AppGallery and Windows Phone. Lifetime app updates are obviously included (the latest Android update dates from October 2020) and there’s a pretty active Reddit channel.


30 Oct 2020



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    And yet, the numerical network has gone and launched a new offer that solidifies its place at the top of the podium even further, which is available on its website now.

    Depending on what plan you opt for - either 4G or 5G home broadband - you stand to get either a free Samsung Chromebook or LG TV thrown in with your new internet plan absolutely free.

    Not only that, but most of its available tariffs also benefit from having half-price bills for the first six months of the contract, too, delivering additional savings of up to £90.

    We have details of all four offers below, including the freebie you'll get and the bills you'll be paying. Pick the one that appeals most to you, head through to the website to check availability, and you could be up and running as early as tomorrow...

    Three's fantastic 5G home broadband deals:

    Three 5G Hub + FREE Chromebook | 24 months | Avg speed 100Mb | FREE upfront | Unlimited data | £30 a month
    This 5G home broadband deal includes Three's most generous free gift - a Samsung Chromebook 4 with a claimed RRP of almost £400. If 5G is available where you live, you're promised a rapid 100Mb speed on average, which should be more than enough for households with lots of people streaming, gaming, and surfing the web.

    Three 5G Hub + FREE TV | 24 months | Avg speed 100Mb | FREE upfront | Unlimited data | £15/pm for first 6 months, then £30
    The freebie here may be worth less, but if you like the idea of saving £90 and you have a spot in your house screaming out for a new 32-inch LED TV, then this is the better option. Like the deal above (and below, for that matter) this Three home broadband deal comes with completely unlimited data use, too.

    Three's bargain 4G home broadband deals:

    Three 4G Hub + FREE TV | 24 months | FREE upfront | Unlimited data | £11.50/pm for first 6 months, then £23
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    Three 4G Plus Hub + FREE TV | 24 months | FREE upfront | Unlimited data | £13/pm for first 6 months, then £26
    For a few quid more a month, you can upgrade to 4G Plus. Three calls this "our best 4G Home Broadband Hub", and so will be the choice to go for if you want the best possible internet connection but don't yet have 5G where you live.

    How does 4G and 5G home broadband work?

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    Microsoft’s Surface Laptop Go 2 could be here in the next couple of months, according to the latest speculation – and while the rumors on the upgrades aren’t all that exciting, there’s some positive news on the pricing front.

    Zac Bowden of Windows Central claims that word from his sources is that Microsoft is getting ready to launch the Surface Laptop Go 2, and that the laptop will ship in the first half of 2022.

    That means it could debut possibly in May or June, though Bowden reckons it’s most likely to be the latter – unless the current planned timeframe slips (which is, of course, always a possibility around launch timing).

    Rumor has it that Microsoft intends to keep the pricing the same while (obviously) upgrading the hardware. In other words, the Surface Laptop Go 2 should start from $549 for the most basic version, with the pricing for upper-end models also staying the same.

    What’s going on with the hardware upgrades, then? Bowden believes that the laptop will shift up a gear to Intel’s 11th-gen silicon (Core i5), with the entry-level model maintaining the same RAM and storage configuration, namely 4GB plus 64GB of eMMC.

    The two higher-tier models will have the fingerprint sensor and power-up the RAM to 8GB plus storage to 128GB or 256GB respectively (SSDs, not eMMC drives), with pricing pitched at $699 and $899 just as before. If pricing stays the same in the UK and Australia, that would mean price tags of £549 / £699 / £899 and AU$999 / AU$1,249 / AU$1,549.

    Analysis: If it ain’t broke, pep it up a bit

    It’s exciting to hear that a next-gen Surface Laptop Go could be on the near horizon, seeing as the original laptop caused quite a splash when it landed back in October 2020. Indeed, in our review we praised it as the best Surface device Microsoft has ever made, delivering all sorts of high-quality elements – particularly that gorgeous display – as part of an affordable portable.

    Performance was one of the areas where we were more critical of the original Surface Laptop Go, and stepping up to a 12th-gen Core i5 chip (from an 11th-gen) will help out on this front.

    It’s also worth noting that an additional ripple in the rumor pond is that Bowden heard from one source that the entry-level Surface Laptop Go 2 might up its storage game to 128GB, which would be a very useful boost for this cheapest model. Then again, this could possibly be referring to the business-targeted version of the sequel, not the base consumer model, so take it with a particularly heavy pinch of salt.

    While this is more of a minor refresh, of course, and nothing much about the overall design is supposedly going to change – save for a new color option (sage) – some pepping up on the hardware front is all that’s needed, really.

    As far as the design goes, as they say, if it ain’t broke, there’s no need to fix it (although Bowden observes that a backlit keyboard might be nice, and this could yet be an upgrade Microsoft is implementing – though the low price point may yet preclude this, at the entry-level anyway).

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