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This is the cheapest 4K laptop right now, by a mile

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Chuwi AeroBook Plus 4K laptop - $559.99 at Banggood
This laptop from little-known manufacturer Chuwi is the most affordable 4K machine on the market. It certainly looks the part and its specs are decent, but shame about the outdated Intel Core i5-6287U processor. Still, this could be a great option if a super sharp display is your top priority.View Deal

Since its appearance last July, the Chuwi AeroBook Plus is still by far the cheapest 4K laptop on the market, costing hundreds of dollars less than rivals.

You can pick up this new Chuwi machine for just under $560, excluding region-specific coupons and delivery. Banggood, the marketplace where Chuwi sells its gears, ships globally (including the US, UK and Australia).

On paper, the Chuwi Aerobook Plus looks a fantastic piece of kit, especially if you're after a screen with one of the highest pixel densities on the market (making it super sharp), spread over 15.6 inches. 

With a full-metal chassis, the Aerobook Plus doesn't look like a cheap device, but corners have been cut in order to reach this exceptionally low price point. 

It runs on an Intel Core i5-6287U processor - a dual-core processor that was launched five years ago. It's still quite competitive thanks to a very high base clock speed and the onboard Intel Iris Graphics 550 graphics, but we can't see why Chuwi didn't opt for a more recent model (other than the usual stock issues).

The rest of the specification is decent; 8GB of DDR4 RAM, a 256GB SATA SSD, Bluetooth 5.0 and 802.11ac Wi-Fi, a 55WHr battery that can power the laptop for an estimated eight hours, a plethora of ports and a weight starting at 1.7kg.

Bear in mind

  • If this product comes from mainland China, it will take at least a month to reach either the US, UK or Australia (and potentially more). You may be levied a tax either directly or through the courier.
  • If you've managed to get your hands on a cheaper product with equivalent specifications, in stock and brand new, let us know and we'll tip our hat to you.


31 Oct 2020



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