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The unsurprising lesson Microsoft learned after upgrading its own PCs to Windows 11

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After upgrading its own business PCs to its latest operating system, Microsoft has reached a rather unsurprising conclusion: Windows 11 is good.

In a new blog post, Microsoft explained it has now upgraded almost the entirety of its circa 182,000-strong workforce to Windows 11, claiming it had no increase in support tickets in the process.

Microsoft attributed the successful rollout to having far fewer app compatibility challenges than in the past, not needing to build out a plethora of disk images, and delivery processes and tools that were greatly improved during the rollout of Windows 10. The update utilized a gradual ‘ring-based’ approach.

Windows 11 rollout

Microsoft said it identified which of its devices were upgradable first, using its Update Compliance tool and Microsoft Endpoint Manager's Endpoint analytics, allowing the firm to create a clear timeline for the rollout.

Windows 11 has specific hardware requirements, and a percentage of Microsoft’s devices were not upgraded. The employees with these incompatible devices will continue to run Windows 10 in parallel, before getting a Windows 11 device at their next device refresh.

Microsoft said that, in total, 190,00 devices qualified for the upgrade and that its upgrade process was 99% successful.

The company also explained the importance of preparing readiness content for its employees during the internal rollout process.

The software giant said that Yammer, FAQs, Microsoft SharePoint, email, Microsoft Teams, its internal homepage, and digital signage were some of the tools used to bring the message to its employees.

Microsoft said its communications team focused on promoting the new look and features of Windows 11, including the speed of the update and its flexible scheduling.

The news comes as adoption of Windows 11 by the wider market seems to be moving relatively slowly.

In March 2022, Windows 11 took just 0.1% market share from other editions of Microsoft's software, accounting for 19.4% of the overall usage, with a further 0.6% using a Windows 11 Insider build.

It seems consumers also need to be wary of installing and managing their own Windows 11 updates, as some cybercriminals seem to be snapping up the opportunity to attack devices.

Security researchers found a fake Windows 11 upgrade website that promises to offer a free Windows 11 install for PCs that don’t meet the minimum specifications, but instead installs data-stealing malware.


25 Apr 2022



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  • Apple reveals Studio Display’s best features won’t work with Windows 11

    When Apple revealed its new 27-inch Studio Display at its March Event, it talked up many of its advanced features such as Center Stage and Spatial Audio, but has since revealed that many of these features will only work if you connect the monitor to a compatible Mac or MacBook.

    Center Stage is a feature that cleverly focuses the built-in 12MP webcam on you, adjusting the zoom and pan of the camera as you move around. Meanwhile, Spatial Audio uses Dolby Atmos to offer immersive 3D sound from the Studio Display’s six speakers, and the Studio Display also supports Apple’s Siri virtual assistant for hands-free voice commands.

    These features are all powered by Apple’s A13 Bionic chip, which is built into the Studio Display and is the same one found in the iPhone 11, iPhone SE and modern iPads. However, Apple has confirmed to TechRadar that any A13-dependant features of the Studio Display will only work if you connect a supported Mac or MacBook to the monitor.

    So, while you could buy a Studio Display and connect it to a Windows 11 PC, you’ll actually be missing out on some of the best features of the monitor. It’ll display in 5K at 60Hz, and the webcam will work, but it will be treated as a regular webcam. As the A13 chip also adjusts the quality of the webcam, it’s likely footage on a Windows (or Linux) device won’t look as good.

    Analysis: Disappointing, but not a surprise

    Apple March Event 2022

    (Image credit: Apple)

    This news will come as a blow to anyone using a Windows device that fancied getting the Studio Display. Without those extra features, it’s hard to justify spending $1,599 (£1,499 / AU$2,499).

    If you have a Mac or MacBook, then the Studio Display will be more appealing – though you’ll need to have a relatively recent device, with the 2016 MacBook Pros being the oldest Macs that are supported.

    Here are the Mac and iPad models that can use the Studio Display’s advanced features:

    Macs will need to have macOS Monterey 12.3 or later installed, and iPads need iPadOS 15.4 or later.

    The fact that Apple has released a monitor with features locked to its other products is pretty unique – usually you can plug a monitor into any device as long as you have the correct ports or an adapter. However, it’s not that surprising. This is a company, after all, that has released a smartwatch and smart speaker that only works with its phones.

    Once again, Apple has made a product for Apple users without feeling the need to make it appeal to people on other platforms.

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