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The Kindle is back to its lowest price ever - one we haven't seen for over a year

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Fancy kicking off 2022 with a Kindle to get into a new reading habit? Well, now you can do so for even less as the Amazon Kindle is now available for only £44.99 (was £69.99) – that's the cheapest it's ever been in the UK.

The last time we saw a Kindle deal this good was over a year ago back during 2020's Amazon Prime Day. It's been £49.99 a handful of times since then but never matched that record low - until now. If you're looking to bag yourself the affordable entry-level reader for less this one's definitely worth taking full advantage of.

We will say that the more frequent readers out there may want to consider the Kindle Paperwhite for its sharper display and adjustable warm-lighting - two additions that give an improved reading experience in brighter or darker environments. However, for those after what we consider to be one of the best ereaders while sticking to a smaller budget, this current Kindle deal is unbeatable.

Amazon Kindle at its lowest price yet

Kindle: £69.99 £44.99 at Amazon
Save £25
– Today's price on the entry-level reader at Amazon is a match for the lowest ever and a deal we haven't seen in the UK since way back in 2020. The basic Kindle comes with all the basic features you need for a comfortable reading experience including a front light, glare-free display, and week-long battery life.

As well as this best-ever Kindle deal, a couple of other Amazon Devices have popped up on sale today, such as the third and fourth generation Echo Dot. Neither of these is reduced to an all-time low, but they are only off by a matter of pounds. For example, the Echo Dot (4th Gen) is now £29.99 at Amazon and was previously just a little less at £24.99 during Amazon Prime Day. You can find all of the offers of these devices and more in Amazon's Daily Deals - or just below.

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12 Jan 2022



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