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Starling Bank small business customers get PayStream accounting platform as an option

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Starling Bank is rolling out a new accounting software tool aimed at small businesses and contractors. The digital bank has created PayStream, which is available through the Starling Marketplace in-app area and is designed to help business customers get everything in place for the journey towards filing their tax returns.

Small businesses owners will be able to connect their bank accounts directly to the PayStream online software, allowing them to get their details updated dynamically. The system will sync the information on a daily basis. Starling Bank is also providing customers who sign up for PayStream with access to a dedicated accounts team.

PayStream, just one of numerous third-party offerings currently available through the digital bank, was initially added to the Starling Marketplace earlier in the year. It originally offered a lifeline for business customers who needed advice about the controversial IR35 issue that has affected many freelance workers and contractors.

PayStream help

Now though, businesses can choose the level of service they need from three different tiers, with prices aimed at enticing small ventures with a starting point of £95 plus VAT per month. Larger concerns can make use of beefier features and functionality from tiers that top out at £250 plus VAT a month.

Key features include help from a dedicated accounts team who can assist with everything from quarterly VAT returns through to the filing of annual tax returns. There is also continued assistance with the ongoing IR35 debate. Customers can enjoy easy access to PayStream thanks to an accompanying mobile app.

Starling Bank’s latest product option follows hot on the heels of a recently launched online banking feature. The Online Banking service has been tailored towards the needs of its personal and joint bank account holders, in much the same way as the service Starling already offers to its business customers.


15 Oct 2020



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