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Snapchat to add music to 'Snaps'

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Now that TikTok is vulnerable, everyone wants to take its position.

First it was Instagram with its Reels.

Then there are many clones in India, like Reposo and Chingari, who are moving in for the kill.

And with TikTok under immense pressure in the US too, Snapchat is also upping the ante.

Snapchat is working on an update that will allow users to add music to their snaps. 

Just like in TikTok, users will be able to add songs to their snaps either before or after they begin shooting. 

Media reports have it that Snap Inc has already inked tieups with a few music labels, including Warner Music Group and Universal Music Publishing Group. This  will let the company access their catalogs.

“We’re constantly building on our relationships within the music industry, and making sure the entire music ecosystem (artists, labels, songwriters, publishers and streaming services) are seeing value in our partnerships,” a spokesperson of the company has been quoted as saying.

Snapchat Music

Snapchat Music (Image credit: Snapchat)

Music is the way to go

As a test project, the updates are being made available in Australia and New Zealand. A Snap spokesperson has been quoted in the media as saying that the regular rollout for all will happen in the fall. 

Snapchat is not making available TikTok's main features like lip syncing or re-mixing videos. But the music feature will make it even more attractive to the young crowd. 

Music, as ever, is a popular hook to attract the masses. Instagram's Reels will have it. Closer home in India, Facebook has worked out deals with music labels and also rolled out new music-powered features

TikTok faces an uncertain future in the US. Microsoft is reportedly working on a deal, but the details have yet to be chiseled out.


04 Aug 2020



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    The iPad Air 5 - a name we've given it due to it being the fifth-generation iPad Air - was announced on stage during the Apple March Event, alongside the iPhone SE 2022, Mac Studio and M1 Ultra chipset.

    The Air line of iPads is the company's mid-range family, though we've seen some impressively premium features used in this and the last generations.

    5G is a new feature in the iPad Air 2022, giving users who opt for the cellular-capable model access to the fastest internet speeds when away from Wi-Fi. So is the use of a super-powerful Apple M1 chip.

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    Cut to the chase

    • What is it? The fifth generation in Apple's mid-range tablet line
    • How much will it cost? From $599 / £569 / AU$929
    • When will it be out? March 18, pre-orders open March 11

    iPad Air 2022 release date and price

    • iPad Air 2022 pre-orders: March 11
    • iPad Air 2022 release date: March 18
    • iPad Air 2022 price: from $599 / £569 / AU$929

    The iPad Air 2022 price starts at $599 / £569 / AU$929 for the 64GB Wi-Fi only model and goes up if you want 5G connectivity, 256GB storage or both.

    iPad Air 2022 prices
    Configuration US price UK price AU price
    64GB, Wi-Fi $599 £569 $929
    64GB, 5G $749 £719 $1,159
    256GB, Wi-Fi $749 £719 $1,159
    256GB, 5G $899 £869 $1,389

    As a bit of background, the iPad Air 4 cost $599 / £579 / AU$899 for the entry-level, Wi-Fi only, 64GB of storage model, with prices going up for more storage and cellular connection.

    iPad Air pre-orders open on Friday, March 11, and the iPad Air 2022 release date is confirmed as March 18. it's worth pointing out that the last-gen iPad Air was very hard to buy at launch, so check out our hub with all the iPad Air 5 pre-order info including when and where to buy Apple's latest tablet.

    iPad Air 2022 design and display

    • Design and display remain the same as predecessor
    • 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display

    There doesn't appear to be any upgrades in the design or screen departments for the new iPad Air versus its predecessor.

    It means you get a 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display with a 2360 x 1640 resolution, 500 nits of brightness, P3 wide color gamut, True Tone and anti-reflective screen.

    That's not necessarily a bad thing though, as we wrote in our iPad Air 4 review: "the screen on the iPad Air 4 is a great size and fantastic quality, and you'll be happy with it whatever you use this slate for."

    Apple March Event 2022

    (Image credit: Apple)

    Dimensions remain the same too, although the iPad Air 2022 does weight a few grams more than its predecessor, but you're unlikely to realize. The Touch ID scanner also returns, built into the power button the the top edge of the tablet.

    It means you get the smart, flat edges that give the iPad Air series a premium look and feel similar to that of the iPad Pro line, and which elevates it above the more rounded iPad.

    You'll be able to pick up the new iPad Air in five different colors; Space Grey, Starlight, Pink, Purple and Blue.

    iPad Air 2022 camera and battery life

    • Front camera upgraded to a 12MP ultra-wide offering
    • Same 12MP rear camera as predecessor
    • 10-hour battery life according to Google

    The front camera has been upgraded in the new iPad Air, with a 12MP ultra-wide camera (vs a 7MP wide cam in the previous gen slate) that supports Center Stage, which allows the camera to keep people in frame as they move around.

    Meanwhile, there's no change with the single sensor on the rear, with Apple sticking to the same 12MP, f/1.8 aperture lens with a 5x digital zoom and Smart HDR 3 for photos as the Air 2022's predecessor.

    We haven't heard details on the battery capacity - that's normal for Apple, which is tight-lipped with this spec at launch events.

    Apple predicts that it'll last for 10 hours of use between charges though, same as the last edition.

    iPad Air 5

    (Image credit: Apple)

    iPad Air 2022 performance, specs and software

    • M1 chip offering 60% better performance
    • 5G support and 8GB of RAM
    • Comes with iPadOS

    Apple is being bold with its claims when it comes to iPad Air 5 performance. The fifth generation Air tablet gets Apple's M1 chip, which you find in its MacBook and iPad Pro lines.

    The new chipset provides the new iPad Air with 60% better performance versus the iPad Air 4, which came with the iPhone-focused A14 Bionic chipset.

    GPU performance has also improved by 2x versus the Air 4 according to Apple, all of which makes the iPad Air 5 the fastest tablet in its segment. There's also 8GB of RAM inside.

    The performance of the USB-C port has also been upgraded, with transfer speeds doubled, while the inclusion of 5G support in the cellular Air 5 models will give you access to fastest internet speeds when you're away from Wi-Fi (so long as you're in a 5G coverage area).

    Running the show on the new iPad Air is iPadOS 15, which is already available on the previous Air 4 and many other Apple tablets. This is a version of iOS with some tablet-specific features like handwriting recognition with the stylus and an improved multi-tab experience.

    The iPad Air also comes with Apple Pencil compatibility, so you can use the second-gen Apple stylus for various tasks, though you do have to buy this separately.

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  • Microsoft Teams update will eliminate one of the most common remote working problems

    Microsoft is working on a new feature for collaboration platform Teams that should help address a common remote working problem.

    According to a new post in the company’s product roadmap, Microsoft Teams will soon afford users tighter control over their activity feed notifications.

    “Users will be able to change the type of notification that appears in the activity feed. Right click on the feed item, and you will be able to turn on/off all reactions and select the apps you would like to get notifications from,” explained Microsoft.

    The new feature is currently under development, but is set to roll on in preview later this month and go live for all users in December.

    Microsoft Teams notifications

    Since the start of the pandemic, plenty has been said about the effects of remote working on business culture and mental health.

    Some remote workers have said they feel pressured to make themselves available outside of traditional hours, making it difficult to strike an effective work-life balance.

    Others, meanwhile, have been buried in a storm of notifications as a result of the switch to digital forms of communication (whether via email, text chat or video conference). And this problem is only aggravated by the rising number of third-party integrations for platforms like Teams.

    By allowing users to specify which types of alerts they receive, the latest Teams update should help alleviate (if not eliminate) the kinds of problems that have cropped up as a result of the new reliance on digital collaboration tools and online productivity software.

    Notification customization will also synergize with another feature that’s also under development, which will allow Teams users to switch off notifications during meetings. As per a separate roadmap entry, users will be able to turn off notifications during all meetings, or on a per meeting basis.

    Clearly, Microsoft is aware of the damaging effects of notification storms on both productivity and wellbeing. And these latest Teams updates should at least go some way to correcting the issue.

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