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Samsung Galaxy Tab deals are already at their lowest prices yet - well ahead of Black Friday

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Samsung Galaxy Tab deals have sprung back to life after Prime Day wiped them out. Not only that, but we're still weeks away from Black Friday and we're already seeing prices dropping down to their lowest positions yet on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6. 

That means you can pick up the 128GB Galaxy Tab S6 for its lowest price yet - just $519.99 this week. That's a $130 discount down from the original $649.99 MSRP which nets you 128GB of storage space and 15 hours of battery life, all on a 10.5-inch AMOLED display. 

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 also offers keyboard compatibility, however, so if you want to get to work in a more conventional laptop style you'll want to take a look at this keyboard bundle offer. Normally, the 128GB tablet and a keyboard case will set you back $829.98 all in, but we see it available for just $658 right now

These Samsung Galaxy Tab deals aren't out of the blue, however. We've seen early Amazon Black Friday deals all week, which means there are plenty of savings across the whole site right now. That comes after Prime Day kickstarted the sales season, and seeing as retailers are concerned that the traditional November date won't make Christmas delivery, we're being treated to a massive range of early Black Friday deals right now. 

You'll find all these Samsung Galaxy Tab deals just below, but you'll also find more prices in the US, UK, and Australia further down the page as well. 

Amazon Black Friday Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 deals

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite: $349.99 $279 at Amazon
Prime Day did have this Samsung Galaxy tablet available for $249.99, so $279 isn't the cheapest it's ever been. However, it's only $30 off and if you need a cheaper device straight away it's the best price on the web right now.
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Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 - 128GB: $649.99 $519.99 at Amazon
However, this 128GB Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is available for its lowest price ever at Amazon right now. That's a fantastic offer that knocks $130 off the original price tag to bring the 10.5-inch tablet down to just $519.99.
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Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 - 128GB | Keyboard case: $829.98 $658.28 at Amazon
If you want to use your new tablet as more of a laptop, you'll want to take a look at this keyboard case bundle. It brings the 128GB Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 and a keyboard case down to just $658.28 - the lowest price yet. That's perfect for taking work on the go with a powerful set of accessories.
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More Samsung Galaxy Tab deals

If the Amazon Black Friday deals aren't offering the prices you like right now, you can check out the cheapest offers on the full Samsung Galaxy Tab range just below. 

Check out all the latest Amazon Black Friday deals right here on TechRadar, or take a look at the best iPad deals or Android tablet sales available today.


27 Oct 2020



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    However, if you don’t like the new-look tabs, you can revert back to how tabs used to look by going to Settings > Safari and selecting ‘Compact Tab Bar’.

    Analysis: Safari 15 should have been a separate release

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