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Quartix Inc fleet management services

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Quartix Inc is a popular fleet management software and service provider offering a range of telemetrics solutions across Europe and the United States. It’s often placed up there with the best fleet management software providers in the business, which is one of the reasons why we decided to complete this evaluation.  

We’ve analyzed every aspect of this company to help you decide whether it’s a viable option for your business. Along with its main features and performance, we also look at prices, subscription options, support, and a suite of past customer reviews, among other things.

Quartix Inc fleet management services

Quartix provides a range of fleet management solutions (Image credit: Quartix Inc)

Plans and pricing

Quartix provides very targeted services which allows it to give a clear outline of its prices and what you get with each subscription option. This makes a nice change from most fleet management service providers, which often develop custom prices based on each client’s needs. 

At the time of writing, Quartix has three fleet tracking plans. The Info Point plan, at the cheapest end of the spectrum, costs $14.90 per vehicle, per month and includes real-time tracking, customizable excel reports, driver timesheets, and access to the mobile app.

The Info Plus plan (from $18.90 per vehicle, per month) adds IFTA mileage reporting, geofencing alerts, engine hour tracking, and driving style metrics. And finally, the Info Plus & Driver ID plan costs $22.90 per vehicle, per month and adds a driver ID reader and driver ID key. 

It’s worth noting that these prices assume a 12-month contract term. New contracts also come with a free tracking device (valued at $199), and extra Driver ID keys can be purchased for $10 each. 

Quartix Inc fleet management services

Quartix offers three vehicle tracking plans (Image credit: Quartix Inc)

How it works

To get started with Quartix, we recommend reaching out to the team to discuss the best option for your company. The company currently works in the USA, France, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Poland, Spain, and the UK. 

Once you’ve signed up and connected your fleet to your central management dashboard, you will be ready to get started. The dashboard is quite intuitive, and it comes with a full suite of expected telematics tools. 

For example, system admins and managers can access a range of statistics about driver performance, speed, and safety. You will be able to monitor your vehicles in real-time, and you can even create geofencing alerts so that you will be notified immediately when a driver leaves a defined zone. 

Quartix Inc fleet management services

The Quartix dashboard comes with a range of powerful tools to help you manage your fleet (Image credit: Quartix Inc)

Features and services

Although Quartix is one of the simpler fleet management service providers we’ve seen, it still comes with a great range of features designed to help you streamline standard workflow practices. 

As to be expected, a number of vehicle tracking features are available, including 24/7 real-time monitoring. You can view the current position of your fleet via a Google Maps interface, monitor and analyze activity, and access historical data. 

One of our favorite things about Quartix is its great driving style analysis features. A range of data is tracked and presented in customizable reports, including information about braking and acceleration patterns, speed and average speed, and long-term trends. 

Quartix also supports full geofencing and geofencing alerts. Basically, this allows you to specify certain areas or geographic zones, creating time-based rules and setting alerts for each one. When a driver enters or exits a zone, you will receive a real-time alert, letting you take immediate action if required. 

Tax time can be a nightmare, but Quartix even comes with tools to help simplify your fuel tax reports. Basically, it calculates and records your average fuel consumption, tracks the miles you’ve driven in each IFTA area, and develops comprehensive reports with the required information. 

Quartix Inc fleet management services

Quartix comes with a range of fleet management services (Image credit: Quartix Inc)

Support and customer care

Quartix’s customer service is excellent. In terms of live support, there are online chat, email, and business hours phone options. You can also reach out to the sales or support team directly via the company’s website. 

In addition, there are various self-help resources, including a selection of how-to video tutorials, in-depth guides, and webinars detailing specific features and functionality. 

What’s more, Quartix receives excellent reviews across the web, suggesting that its after-sales customer care is great. For example, it has a rating of 4.7/5 on, which is better than most other telemetrics companies receive.

Quartix Inc fleet management services

There are various live support options (Image credit: Quartix Inc)

The competition

If you’re looking for a slightly more powerful fleet management solution, we’d highly recommend checking out Samsara. This is one of the highest-rated providers in the world, and it offers a suite of excellent vehicle tracking and monitoring options for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Note, though, that reports suggest it is more expensive than Quartix. 

Another popular option is US Fleet Tracking, which works with clients in more than 150 countries across the globe. This makes it a great option for multinational businesses working in various countries. And it supports much more than just standard vehicle tracking.

Final verdict

Overall, we were very impressed with the level of service provided by Quartix. It offers simple yet powerful fleet management tools, covering everything from real-time tracking to data collection and analysis. What’s more, it’s one of the cheapest options on the market. 

At the end of the day, we’d recommend checking this company out if you’re looking for a fleet management solution that does what it needs to without a huge number of advanced features or extra frills. 

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07 Dec 2020



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