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OVHcloud looks to bounce back with new bare metal servers

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Canada-based OVHcloud has announced that it is expanding its bare metal hosting offerings with two new server ranges aimed at large corporations that require exceptional performance, availability and resilience.

These new machines are capable of addressing the needs of organizations running critical workloads and they will be available at the company's data centers across Canada, the US and Europe.

OVHcloud's two new ranges, Scale and High-Grade, offer servers optimized for complex, resource intensive tasks. According to the company, these new bare metal servers are particularly suited to managing Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI), Software Defined Storage (SDS), virtualization, big data and analytics, archiving and backup and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

Bare metal servers

OVHcloud's new bare metal server ranges include all of the company's commitments including the latest and most powerful computing components, the best price-performance ratio, DDoS protection and OVHcloud Link Aggregation (OLA) technology which allows users to aggregate each server's network interfaces to boost availability while isolating it from the public network.

The Scale range is made up of 6 different servers with AMD EPYC and Intel Xeon Gold CPUs and is aimed at companies with high performance requirements. These servers also offer a guaranteed bandwidth of 25 Gbps and a service level agreement (SLA) of 99.99 percent.

The High-Grade range meanwhile is made up of a selection of 10 servers based on AMD EPYC and Intel Xeon Gold CPUs and is designed for businesses with critical availability and performance needs. These servers offer a bandwidth of up to 50 Gbps and combine computing power with a very high-bandwidth network and a large storage capacity. 

Chief sales officer at OVHcloud Sylvain Rouri provided further insight on the web hosting company's two new ranges in a press release, saying:

“These new OVHcloud ranges address the challenges faced by large companies and organizations with critical needs, offering a high-speed, high-availability solution optimized for a wide range of use cases. With the Bare Metal Scale and High-Grade ranges, we want to provide a turnkey, high-performance and versatile solution that allows companies to focus smoothly on their activities and developments,” comments Sylvain Rouri, Chief Sales Officer at OVHcloud. "Some of the Scale and High-Grade servers will also form the technical backbone of the next Nutanix and Netapp package offers, which will soon be offered by OVHcloud." 


09 Apr 2021



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