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OnePlus readying OxygenOS 11 for rollout

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Soon after HydrogenOS 11 got teased in China, OnePlus’ Pete Lau has come forward to excite the users with an update about OxygenOS 11.

Pete, through a blog post on OnePlus’ forum, confirmed that the final Developer Preview of OxygenOS 11 based on Android 11 will be released on August 10, 2020. The smaller community can continue to test the build to find potential bugs before they move on to Open Beta.

Regarding OxygenOS 11 itself, Pete said that the company will be moving forward to improve user experience without compromising on performance while maintaining a cleaner, lighter UI that also has a host of customizations. He hinted that the OxygenOS 11 will have new design elements and users’ most wanted features, one of which is the already confirmed always-on feature.

(Image credit: OnePlus)

While he refrained from spilling out more details on the OxygenOS 11, the teasers, the Chinese version aka HydrogenOS 11 which is slated to release on August 10 in China, has confirmed features like Zen Mode 2.0 and a revamped dark mode.

The Zen Mode 2.0 will allow multiple users to participate and have new themes like Sky, Sea and Grass. The Dark mode, on the other hand, will be revamped with a scheduler option and is supposed to be more pleasing to look at than before.

Apart from this, the new HydrogenOS is also expected to have features like burden-free one-hand mode, a revamped asymmetrical design for a better experience. That said, OnePlus wouldn’t want to limit these features on Chinese version and we can expect them to trickle down to OxygenOS as well. 

For those who don't know, HydrogenOS is a Chinese version of the OxygenOS and has similar design and features but certain elements for the Chinese audience. In the past, major features have been shared on both the versions and we expect it to be the same on 11 as well. However, we’ll have to wait till August 10 to know more and get a closer look at them.


05 Aug 2020



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  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 price leak shows Ultra could be pricier than the iPad Pro

    Samsung's Galaxy Tab slates tend to be some of the best Android tablets on the market, but that quality doesn't come cheap, and a new price leak for the Galaxy Tab S8 family shows just how wallet-bustlingly expensive the new models could be.

    This comes from a website called Appuals, which doesn't have much of a track record for tech leaks, so take it with a healthy dose of cynicism. It's also not clear where the website got this information.

    According to the site, the base Galaxy Tab S8 will start between €680 and €700 for 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, and Wi-Fi-only connectivity - that's a price that converts to about $780, £580 and AU$1,090, though Samsung's prices generally aren't exact conversions between regions. 

    There are three other versions of the tablet listed - one is also Wi-Fi connected but with 256GB of storage, and there's also apparently a 5G version of each configuration. We'll put all of the prices of these below.

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 leaked prices
    Connectivity RAM / Storage Leaked Euro price USD conversion GBP conversion AUD conversion
    Wi-Fi 8GB/128GB €680-€700 $780 £580 $1,090
    Wi-Fi 8GB/256GB €730-€750 $840 £620 $1,170
    5G 8GB/128GB €830-€850 $950 £700 $1,330
    5G 8GB/256GB €880-€900 $1,010 £740 $1,400

    So those prices go quite high if you're looking for the top-spec version - and this is just for the lowest-end member of the line. Next up is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus.

    Just remember for now, that we don't know the full details of how the tablets are differentiated, though size is the main factor.

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus leaked prices
    Connectivity RAM / Storage Leaked Euro price USD conversion GBP conversion AUD conversion
    Wi-Fi 8GB/128GB €880-€900 $1,010 £740 $1,400
    Wi-Fi 8GB/256GB €930-€950 $1,070 £780 $1,480
    5G 8GB/128GB €1,040-€1,060 $1,190 £880 $1,660
    5G 8GB/256GB €1,090-€1,110 $1,250 £920 $1,740

    For the real eye-watering prices, though, we have to move over to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra which, if rumors are correct, will have a giant 14-inch screen.

    That'd make it bigger than the top-size iPad Pro, which has a screen 12.9 inches across, and these prices suggest it'll be pricier too in some regions - as you can see in our iPad Pro review, prices begin at $1,099 / £999 / $1,649, so in the US the Galaxy Tab is cheaper. We'll have to see exact conversions at launch to know for sure though.

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra leaked prices
    Connectivity RAM / Storage Leaked Euro price USD conversion GBP conversion AUD conversion
    Wi-Fi 8GB/128GB €1,040-€1,060 $1,190 £880 $1,660
    5G 12GB/512GB €1,200-€1,220 $1,380 £1,010 $1,910

    There seem to be fewer versions of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, with only the lower-spec Wi-Fi only version and the super high-spec 5G alternative, which is curious as the top-size iPad Pro has ten different configurations of storage space and connectivity.

    This version is only for the super-professionals who need lots of power, a huge screen and plentiful space, though Samsung will need to convince people that a full-blooded 2-in-1 laptop isn't for them instead, as those can be cheaper.

    We'll have to wait until the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 family launches to know the prices for sure though. We thought they'd come alongside the Galaxy S22 family in early February, but that's not a sure thing.

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