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NordVPN adds Dark Web credential monitor to protect your identity

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NordVPN has launched a new feature that will scan the dark web to determine if an individual's personal credentials have been exposed. Best known for its traditional VPN solution, NordVPN also incorporates other privacy and security features to keep its users safe.

The Dark Web Monitor identifies when a user’s credentials are being shared online and sends an alert in real-time. The service is particularly important given that online users now have multiple accounts that they need to keep secure. Unfortunately, password fatigue can result in individuals re-using credentials across multiple accounts. 

This means that attackers can compromise a host of platforms with just one breached password.

No effort required

When NordVPN’s Dark Web Monitor finds leaked credentials, it notifies users immediately so they can change the relevant passwords before cyber attackers cause any damage. The new feature is available today for users of the latest version of the NordVPN iOS app and is due to arrive for Android users in the near future.

The Dark Web Monitor provides a similar service to the ‘Have I Been Pwned’ website but requires no manual effort on the part of the user. The dark web scanning runs continuously as part of the tool that NordVPN customers are already using.

Other announcements made recently by NordVPN include the launch of NordPass’ Data Breach Scanner, the building of new co-located servers and the unveiling of split-tunneling functionality coming soon for Windows users.

“Your data might be for sale somewhere on the dark web without you even knowing. And it’s impossible to protect yourself when you don’t know where the threat is coming from. That’s where NordVPN’s Dark Web Monitor steps in,” Vykintas Maknickas, a product strategist at NordVPN, explained. “It does the work for you by scanning the dark web and alerting you about exposed credentials. This way, you can take action immediately to protect yourself.”


16 Nov 2020



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    Looping recommendations

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