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NBN deals: these providers are all offering up sweet discounts for new subscribers

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Internet service providers are in a constant battle, trying to convince customers to switch to (and stay with) their network. That’s resulted in a bunch of ISPs offering excellent discounts to new subscribers, with many lasting up to six months – sometimes an entire year. Below, you’ll find our top picks.

But choosing an internet provider can be tricky, so we’re laying out the best NBN plans where you can save a decent chunk of change. Some of our recommendations come with a no lock-in contract, so you’ll be able to bounce before the price increases without facing a fee.

Tangerine | NBN50 | Unlimited data | No lock-in contract | AU$59.90 per month (for first 6 months, then AU$69.90)

Tangerine offers up some of the cheapest NBN plans across the speed tiers. Its NBN50 plan offers new customers a AU$10 discount each month for their first six months – saving AU$60 in total. That’ll get you unlimited data with typical evening speeds of 42Mbps, and with no lock-in contract, you’re free to leave anytime before the price jumps up. To sweeten the deal, there’s no set-up fee, and Tangerine offers a 14-day risk-free trial. You’ll need your own modem though, or you can pay an extra AU$119.90 to get one included. Need something faster? Tangerine has an NBN100 plan for AU$74.90 over the first half-year.

Total minimum cost is AU$59.90View Deal

Internode | NBN50 | Unlimited data | 6-month contract | AU$59.99 per month (for first 6 months, then AU$79.99)

Enthusiast-favourite Internode is serving up its NBN50 plan for a budget ISP price. Make the switch and you’ll get a AU$20 discount every month for your first six months, bringing it a smidge under AU$60 each time. It’s a six-month contract, so if you decide to leave early, you’ll need to pay a AU$40 break fee. If you decide to stay past six months, the price will bump up to AU$79.99. Internode promises speeds of 42.8Mbps in the busy evening periods, and if you need a modem, you can throw one in for an extra AU$59.95. You’ll have the option of adding a Fetch Entertainment bundle as well. NBN100 plans are available at AU$99.99 a month, though unfortunately without a discount.

Total minimum cost is AU$359.94View Deal

Belong | NBN50 | Unlimited data | 12-month contract | AU$65 per month (for first 12 months, then AU$70)

If you’re happy to commit to a year-long contract, then this NBN50 plan from Belong is offering a AU$60 discount on your first year. While it’s powered by Telstra, Belong’s typical evening speeds are a little behind the rest, but only marginally so at 40Mbps. To even the playing field though, there’s no set-up fee, and you’ll get the modem for free if you commit to a contract for 12 months. If you want to break the contract, you’ll need to pay an early exit fee which starts at AU$240 and decreases by AU$20 each billing cycle. Belong’s also giving out AU$80 worth of free mobile credit to new sign-ups. It’s not discounted, but Belong also has NBN100 plans for AU$95 a month.

Total minimum cost is AU$780View Deal

Superloop | NBN50 | Unlimited data | No lock-in contract | AU$68.95 per month (for first 6 months, then AU$78.95)

Superloop is offering a killer deal on its NBN50 plan, saving you AU$60 on your first six months when you make the switch. This provider promises evening speeds of 44.4Mbps – not quite leaps and bounds ahead of the competition – but one of the best in its speed tier. On top of that, there’s no lock-in contracts, no set-up fees and Australian-based support seven days a week. You can bring your own modem, or you can opt to pick one up for an additional AU$99.95. To save on your first six months, be sure to enter the code Whistleout10FOR6. If 100Mbps is more your speed, Superloop has also discounted the first half-year to AU$79.95 per month for NBN100.

Total minimum cost is AU$68.95View Deal

Many more Australian ISPs are currently offering special NBN deals – click here to check out a wider selection.


30 Jul 2020



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