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Move over Canva, there's a new free design tool in town

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Custom graphic design platform Sticker Mule has unveiled Studio, a free design tool that aims to take on the mighty Canva. 

The company will be hoping the tool, specifically built for organizations with limited design resources, can become one of the best photo editors for creating professional-style graphics without the skill barrier or the associated costs. 

Studio is the latest in Sticker Mule’s small suite of free online design tools for SMEs and startups, which also includes a background remover and image upscaler.

“Our goal is to give everyone the opportunity to design great print and digital products quickly and easily…Studio helps anyone craft beautiful designs in minutes,” said Anthony Constantino, Sticker Mule CEO.

 Canva killer?  

In recent years, use of simple design tools has soared, as businesses look to visually engage customers and clients, and enhance their branding without the need for professional-level software like Adobe Photoshop. 

Currently leading the pack is Canva, whose growing popularity recently led to the launch of the company’s first global ad campaign after nearly ten years in the business.

Employing a library of pre-built elements and templates, and a basic drag-and-drop system, the tool has proved popular with businesses, entrepreneurs, and SMEs.

Studio by Sticker Mule works on a similar basis. Developed over two years, the browser-based platform is packed with over 1000 customizable templates, letting users design their own logos, business cards, stickers, T-shirts, packaging, event invitations, and social media assets. Everything on the page - from images to elements, colors to text - can be switched out in a few clicks.

For those more comfortable with freestyling, there’s also the ability to create designs from scratch. Finished designs can then be exported as a PNG, JPG, PDF, or SVG and used across all content marketing channels.

As a free service, users won’t have to order their designs through Sticker Mule, although that remains an option for anyone looking for physical assets. 

Constantino, who co-founded the company in 2010, assured users that more upgrades are on the way.

“We are currently developing additional features to make Studio the Internet’s favorite design tool. Next up is the ability to share designs,” he said.


25 Apr 2022



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