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Microsoft really wants you to download the Teams desktop client

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Microsoft is bringing its popular online collaboration tool to its own store with the hope that even more users will download Microsoft Teams for desktop.

While you can use Teams on the web or on mobile through its iOS and Android apps, you’ll need to download the desktop version if you want to get the most out of the software. For instance, the ability to blur backgrounds during video calls as well as conduct one-on-one call recordings are only available on Teams for desktop.

According to a new post in the Microsoft 365 Roadmap, the Microsoft Teams app for work, school and life will soon be available to download from the Microsoft Store on both Windows 10 and Windows 11 beginning next month.

Although you can currently download the Teams desktop app from the software giant’s own site, bringing it to the Microsoft Store may make it easier for those just getting started with Windows, perhaps on a new business laptop or student laptop, to find and install the app.

Keeping track of Teams app usage

With more businesses switching to a hybrid work model, IT teams are interested to know how employees use apps when they’re working from home or at the office.

In a separate post on the Microsoft 365 Roadmap, Microsoft has revealed that an updated version of the Teams app usage report with Line of Business apps will also be available next month.

For those unfamiliar, the Teams app usage report provides admins with information on which apps employees are using in Teams. From project management software to time management apps, there are a number of first and third party apps available for Teams that allow users to do even more with Microsoft’s online collaboration software.

Once this update becomes generally available, admins will gain greater insights into which apps their organization’s workers are using in Teams. This could help them when putting together their IT budgets and deciding what kinds of software are worth investing in to help improve productivity.


25 Apr 2022



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    Microsoft is dragging its feet over a number of potential new features for Teams that could help establish the collaboration platform as the undisputed market leader, forum posts suggest.

    In various threads on the Microsoft Teams User Voice forum, an official channel for customers to submit ideas for consideration, the company has acknowledged the validity of users’ complaints. However, solutions for many of these issues do not appear to be forthcoming.

    Although some of the most upvoted ideas have already been implemented by Microsoft (like ability to reply to a specific chat message, which received 50,000 votes) and others are under active development, many more projects appear to have stalled completely.

    Microsoft Teams feedback

    A common complaint on the User Voice forum is that Teams is not optimized for use in a small window, unlike rival applications such as Slack. The problem was first noted in 2016 and the forum post has since accrued almost 21,000 upvotes.

    “The current chat layout is not suited for professional chats; it’s way too space-consuming,” complained the original poster, who called for a more compact design to accommodate different types of monitor setup.

    Members of the Microsoft team have posted in the thread on 25 occasions, calling for further feedback, announcing the issue was under review and providing updates on progress. However, the latest post (from June) simply updated the status to “Planned”, without providing any further details, to the annoyance of some forum members. 

    Another post, which calls for the ability to move a project channel from one team to another, has even more public support, with 32,000 upvotes. The thread was also created in 2016, but the latest post from Microsoft (which is itself now a year and a half old) explains that the item has been put on hold for the foreseeable future.

    “This continues to be on our backlog due to the prioritization of other work items. We will update when there is more to share,” wrote a member of the Teams engineering department.

    This is not to suggest Microsoft hasn’t invested sufficient energy and resources into Teams; since the pandemic began, the company has pushed out a bounty of new features for the platform. However, the stagnant forum posts do call into question the effectiveness of the company’s user feedback mechanisms.

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