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M1 MacBook Air deals offer brand new record price lows at Amazon

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Amazon has just dropped the price of its M1 MacBook deals down to a brand new record low, with both the 256GB and 512GB models available for their cheapest costs yet. At £869.97, the 256GB version is now £30 cheaper than its previous record with a total saving of £129. However, you can save a massive £200 on the 512GB model, now available for just £1,049.97 (was £1,249)

These Macbook deals have only just appeared, so they're likely to prove particularly popular this week. We wouldn't wait too long to take advantage, then, especially considering the 512GB version is seeing such a dramatic price drop. 

The M1 MacBook Air has been seeing price drops for a few months now, but these offers top the lot. You're getting a great price for a 13.3-inch ultrabook here, and the performance coming out of the new M1 chip is a force to be reckoned with as well. 

Not in the UK? Scroll down for more cheap MacBook deals in your region.

Today's best M1 MacBook Air deals

M1 MacBook Air (256GB): £999 £869.97 at Amazon
The M1 MacBook Air has just dropped to a brand new record price low at Amazon. That beats the previous discount by an extra £30, offering up a powerful M1 ultrabook with 8GB RAM and a 256GB SSD for a fantastic price this week.

MacBook Air M1 (512GB): £1,249 £1,049.97 at Amazon
With a £200 discount, this 512GB M1 MacBook Air is now at a brand new record price low. Previously we'd only seen this price drop as far as £1,099, which means you're getting a fantastic discount with this new offer.

More MacBook deals

We're rounding up all the latest MacBook Air deals and MacBook Pro prices, but if you aren't looking for the luxury Apple experience you'll also find plenty of cheap laptop deals available as well. Plus, we're looking forward to even more offers in the upcoming Amazon Prime Day deals as well.


18 May 2021



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