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LG could be set to launch an ultra-light 16-inch MacBook Pro rival

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A new range of LG laptops could be on the way next year, online reports have claimed. Usually, LG announces the next iterations of its Gram laptops towards the end of the year before revealing them to the public at the CES show in January. Recent leaks suggest that the company will be following that tried and tested release formula in the coming months.

On November 29, Twitter user cozyplanes, who has built a decent following through his tech leaks, posted a picture of what he says is next year’s 14-inch LG Gram. The device will reportedly have the model number 14Z90P. Another Twitter leaker posted a similar image corroborating the details.

More substantially, reports that the Federal Communications Commission database has listings for three new LG Gram laptops, adding 16 and 17-inch models to the 14-inch version.

All will be revealed

Unsurprisingly, details remain thin on the ground and that’s likely to remain the case until we get an official announcement (or some more substantial leaks). Still, it’s interesting to note that LG will not be offering consumers a 15-inch model, something that has been available with previous Gram notebook releases.

Instead of a 15-inch display, LG looks like it will be offering a 16-inch model with a 16:10 aspect ratio. Such a device could offer a great alternative to the MacBook Pro. While Apple’s device will likely deliver more power, it is also likely to be costlier and doesn’t come with legacy ports. If these are important to you, the leaked images of the upcoming LG Gram devices show that two USB-A ports plus a microSD-slot are set to be included.

Based on previous years, LG is unlikely to keep fans waiting long to hear about its new notebooks. Exactly what sort of specs they’ll boast will probably be revealed in the coming weeks.

Via NotebookCheck


30 Nov 2020



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