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Leaving awkward Zoom calls just got a lot easier

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There’s now a much easier way to leave Zoom calls, one that doesn’t involve any awkward fumbling around for your mouse. Brian Moore, the creative director of innovation agency Anomaly, has created a physical lamp cord that he can pull on to instantly leave his Zoom meeting and shared all the information you need to create a similar contraption of your own.

Zoom fatigue is well documented but another issue associated with the huge increase in the number of video calls being held today is how to leave each meeting. Usually, participants start saying their goodbyes before hunting for their mouse, then trying to navigate to the end call function, all while your fellow participants are watching on or going through the same awkward performance themselves.

Well, providing you have a bit of coding knowledge and an old lamp lying around, you can now get out of calls much easier. Moore has shared all the GitHub files you need to mimic his creation, as well as a video of it in operation.

Zooming off

Of course, there is potential here for other creative souls to come up with their own inventive ways of leaving a Zoom call. In fact, David Zhou, engineering manager at Mailchimp, has already come up with his own version of a script that ends Zoom meetings after he sighs loudly – a great way of saying goodbye and expressing your despair at the ongoing video calling obsession in one gesture.

Like its rival video conferencing platforms, Zoom has seen user figures skyrocket in response to the pandemic. As a result, the platform has continued to release a host of new features over the year and even lifted call limits for December, which might come in handy for families that are having to make do with a socially distant Christmas this year.

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Via The Verge


22 Dec 2020



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