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Lavu, Inc. POS system

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Lavu, Inc. touts itself as a world-leading point of sale (POS) service provider for restaurants, bars, and other businesses in the hospitality industry. Like many similar providers, it uses an iPad-based system, is backed by a range of advanced features, and has a flexible, customizable interface. 

As part of our search for the best POS systems on the market, we decided to complete a full Lavu evaluation. Below, you will find information about this company’s prices, main features, support, and more to help you decide whether or not it’s a good option for your business.

Lavu, Inc. POS system

Lavu provides a range of POS services for restaurants and similar businesses (Image credit: Lavu)

Plans and pricing

Lavu provides a range of solutions, including single-terminal, multi-terminal, and enterprise-level plans. A Single Lavu Terminal plan starts from $69 per month and allows you to use one device to take and manage orders. This will also give you access to real-time labor and sales reports, a customer-facing display, Lavu inventory tools, and the Lavu Pilot mobile app. 

Multiple-terminal plans are developed on a case-by-case basis, which means that the price you pay will depend on your exact needs. However, you will get access to lower card processing rates, an intuitive software interface, tableside ordering tools, and menu management features. 

Finally, the Enterprise plans are also custom priced, but they come with even more advanced features. For example, you will get offline mode, cloud-based access, and use of the Lavu kitchen display system. 

Note that, like most POS systems, you will have to fork out for extra payment processing fees. However, there is no indication of how much these are, and it likely depends on your location and turnover.  

Lavu, Inc. POS system

Lavu provides a range of subscription options (Image credit: Lavu)

How it works

To get started with Lavu, we’d recommend scheduling a demo with a member of the company’s sales team. Do this by filling out the demo request form that’s available via the Lavu website. 

If you decide to go ahead, setting up the system could be as easy as purchasing an iPad, downloading the app, and customizing it for your business’s needs. Larger systems will require more setup, but it still shouldn’t be too complicated. 

What’s more, the Lavu app is very easy to get the hang of. The user interface is quite intuitive, and you shouldn’t have any problems teaching your team members exactly what’s required of them. Orders can be added and customized as required, taxes can be included according to your region’s laws and regulations, and payments can be processed directly at the table if needed. 

Lavu, Inc. POS system

The Lavu app is attractive and easy to use (Image credit: Lavu)

Features and services

Lavu is one of the most powerful restaurant-specific POS systems on the market, and it’s backed by an impressive range of advanced features. These are listed below.

Using Lavu’s native MenuDrive online ordering system will help you save money and maximize your online profits. It has a customizable online storefront, allows you to collect a range of data for analytics and reporting purposes, and supports everything from coupon codes to loyalty programs. 

Lavu’s POS features include powerful self-ordering kiosk software. Basically, this allows you to set up self-ordering areas, reducing the strain on behind-the-counter staff, minimizing wait times, and improving long-term table profitability. 

Lavu also allows you to create digital menu boards that you can display in prominent positions in your restaurant or cafe. Use this to highlight promotions, advertise new additions to your menu or best sellers, or encourage customers to enter with attractive window displays. 

Finally, the Lavu POS system comes with an impressive range of management features, allowing you to streamline everyday operations and make your workplace more efficient. These include everything from pre-ordering to payment at the table, and the entire system can be customized to meet your needs.

Lavu, Inc. POS system

The Lavu POS system is backed by a range of powerful management features (Image credit: Lavu)

Support and customer care

At first glance, Lavu’s support services appear excellent. It offers email and US phone support, as well as a simple online contact form that you can use to reach out to the customer service team. There is also a comprehensive support center containing numerous self-help resources, including setup guides and various troubleshooting articles. 

Unfortunately, though, Lavu receives quite poor ratings across the web, which suggests that things might not be quite as good as they seem. For example, it only gets an overall rating of 3.3/5 (from 86 reviews) on Capterra, a popular review website. What’s more, the customer service rating is just 3.2/5, which is far from ideal. Similarly, its rating on G2, another popular review site, is also 3.3/5 from 80 customer reviews.

The competition

Lavu appears to be a good option on the surface, but its low user ratings are a concern. Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives on the market. 

For example, Square offers flexible POS services for various industries. There are no up-front software fees or monthly subscriptions, but you will be hit with a 2.6% + 10c fee for every sale. 

Epos Now is another popular option that’s designed for restaurant and hospitality use. It’s very competitively priced, with subscriptions starting from just $39 per month (or $750 for a permanent software license), and it comes with great reporting and analytics tools.

Final verdict

Despite its poor user ratings, Lavu appears to have everything you could want from a POS system. It’s affordable, custom solutions are available for larger businesses, and its features are comparable to those of the highest-rated options available. 

While we do encourage you to be wary due to the numerous negative reports from past customers, we’d also recommend checking out Lavu due to its power and versatility, which really makes it stand out from its competitors.


07 Dec 2020



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