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iPad Pro deals see up to $500 in savings in back to school sales

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The back to school sales have spawned a number of fantastic iPad deals over the last few weeks, and there's still time to pick up an iPad Pro for as much as $500 off right now. B&H Photo's Apple sales event has discounted its range of 2018 iPad Pro models, offering up not only big savings on cellular or big storage devices, but also adding the Magic Keyboard and Audio Technica earbuds in select bundles as well. For example, our favorite iPad Pro deal will send you home with a 12.9-inch tablet with WiFi and Cellular compatibility as well as the brand new Magic Keyboard (worth $349) for just $1,278 (previously 1,648)

These iPad Pro deals span 2018's offering of sizes and storage capacities, which means there's plenty to choose from whether you're looking for a secondary or primary device. We have seen these prices before during sales earlier in the month, but back to school shoppers have another chance to grab a high performance tablet for less right now. 

We're highlighting all our favorite iPad Pro sales just below, but you can also check out more deals on MacBooks, iPads, and AirPods in the US, UK, and Australia further down the page. You can also check out all the latest iPad Pro deals available now.

iPad deals

2018 12.9-inch iPad Pro Wifi + Cellular - 64GB | $1,149 $799 at B&H Photo
Linked here is the 64GB iPad Pro, but you'll find configurations on this page taking you right up to 1TB of storage space with big savings to match. If you're just looking for a cheaper model, however, this is a great shout - or you can upgrade to 256GB for $1,299 $929.
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2018 11-inch iPad Pro WiFi + Cellular - 1TB | $1,499 $1,099 at B&H Photo
Looking for big power in a smaller chassis? This 11-inch iPad Pro comes in with a $400 discount at B&H Photo this week, bringing a massive 1TB of storage at just over $1,000.
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2018 12.9-inch iPad Pro WiFi + Cellular - 1TB | Audio Technica earbuds | $1,699 $1,199 at B&H Photo
There's a $500 saving on this iPad Pro deal that also includes a pair of Audio Technica true wireless earbuds worth $249.99. That's an excellent offer if you're one to plug in while working, and you're getting a great amount of storage space here as well. Plus, that price tag makes it well worth picking up the 1TB model considering the same deal will cost you $1,049 for the 512GB version.
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2018 12.9-inch iPad Pro WiFi + Cellular - 256GB | Magic Keyboard | $1,648 $1,278 at B&H Photo
Grab a 2018 iPad Pro with a Magic Keyboard included for $1,278 this week at B&H Photo. There's 256GB of storage in here - plenty of space for all your schoolwork with enough to spare for games and streaming.
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Apple sales in the US / UK / Australia

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If you're looking for more back to school tech, check out the latest cheap laptop deals, or check out the full range of MacBook Pro prices and deals. You'll also find more savings on Amazon Prime Day, though that's coming up later on this year. 


03 Aug 2020



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