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iPad Pro 2022 leak points to a big upgrade for the 11-inch tablet

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While the 2021 iPad Pros had a big display gulf between the 11-inch and 12.9-inch versions, that looks set to change with the iPad Pro (2022) if a new leak is to be believed.

This information comes from one @dylandkt on Twitter, a leaker with a mixed track record - mostly because the majority of leaks they've provided are on devices that haven't launched yet, so take this with a pinch of salt.

The leak reiterates some claims we've heard before, including the use of the as-yet-unannounced M2 chipset and compatibility with MagSafe accessories for wireless charging and other functions. However, there's also one thing that's new.

According to the leak, the new iPad Pro will have a mini-LED screen. For context, the 2021 model had mini-LED for its 12.9-inch but not for the 11-inch model, which stuck with LCD. So if this information is correct, in 2022 the 11-inch model will also get the newer display tech.

That's a fairly big jump up, and it gives you a good reason to consider the smaller and more affordable 11-inch model over the 12.9-inch giant this time around, since in 2021 the screen discrepancy made it harder to recommend.

Mini-LED is useful as the way it works allows for darker blacks and improved contrast over LCD. That's especially great for content creators who use their tablet for work, but could be beneficial when watching movies or TV shows too.

Analysis: But that's the only big change

A change in screen technology is useful, especially when it's letting the 11-inch model catch up, but it's not enough to make the tablet a must-buy. And it doesn't sound like the new iPad Pro has anything else in that vein either.

Other leaked improvements sound pretty minimal. MagSafe, an M2 chip and a relocated front-facing camera sound like intriguing changes, but not massive ones, and it won't make the iPad Pro (2022) a hugely different slate from its predecessor.

In fact, some of the TechRadar team have argued that we don't need a new iPad Pro in 2022 at all, suggesting that Apple may as well wait a year and release an improved slate.

The iPad Pro has been a product released yearly since it debuted (other than in 2019) so there's little reason to think Apple would skip a year - particularly if we're hearing leaks about it.


24 Jan 2022



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