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iMac Pro with M3 chip could bring the 27-inch desktop back from the dead

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If you believe recent reports, the Apple iMac Pro is a thing of the past, but a new report indicates the iMac Pro is not dead yet.

According to Mark Gurman's latest newsletter for Bloomberg, there’s allegedly an M3 version of the iMac Pro in development right now, which is slated for release “at the end of next year at the earliest.” Of course, Gurman doesn’t believe that Apple will skip an M2 iMac, and he stated back in March that he’s expecting its release soon.

Gurman isn’t the only one who believes in an upcoming iMac Pro, either. Ming-Chi Kuo, another reputable Apple analyst, asserted last month that both a Mac Pro and iMac Pro would be coming out in 2023.

Apple’s upcoming WWDC event on June 6 could reveal more information about the iMac Pro. But until the tech giant officially reveals the desktop, take these rumors with a large pinch of salt.

Analysis: Mac Studio is the better option

The Apple March Event came and went, announcing plenty of cool new tech from the company. However, Apple never revealed an iMac 27-inch (2022) and even quietly discontinued the model.

Though the new reports point to an iMac Pro for sometime next year, with the Mac Studio, an iMac Pro becomes somewhat redundant. 

The Studio Display itself features 5K resolution, P3 color gamut coverage with 10-bit color depth, 600-nit brightness, a built-in three-mic array, a six-speaker sound system with spatial audio support, and an A13 Bionic chip.

You can connect the Studio Display to the Mac Studio , which offers a compact alternative as well as an easy way for users to replace said PC once it becomes obsolete. Also by losing the all-in-one aspect, Apple can focus on more power and better cooling.

That doesn’t totally remove the market for the iMac Pro, but it does make it a lot smaller. So, it will be interesting to see what changes, if any, Apple makes to its All-in-One pro desktop as a result.


25 Apr 2022



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    You can download the browser through this link, with this being the first web browser that's available to download on Epic's storefront.

    Opera GX is similar to how the regular Opera browser works, but with exclusive features that are tailored to gamers. GX Control can limit the amount of RAM that the browser can use, alongside similar features for Wi-FI or CPU speeds.

    Downloading the web browser from Epic Games will be useful if you have a PC that's just for gaming and nothing else, but it also raises the question of whether other gaming browsers are coming to help fill this need as well.

    Analysis: it was always heading to this

    Having Opera GX and your previously-purchased games, ready to download in one will be a great help for many, especially if you have had to wipe your Gaming PC, and you want to quickly re-download what you had installed before.

    It was inevitable that we'd eventually see Opera's gaming browser on a gaming storefront, and it could lead to features from Epic appearing on Opera GX in time, such as downloading games or chatting to your friends through an Epic Games messenger client.

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    Opera GX on Epic Games Store

    (Image credit: Opera)

    There's the possibility that other vendors in this space, such as Apple, Mozilla, and Microsoft may be looking into a gaming variant of Safari, Firefox, and Edge, but we suspect this is a space that Opera will have on its own for the foreseeable.

    When you factor in the other apps that are built into Opera GX such as Twitch and Discord, alongside being able to sync up your RGB to the web browser, it makes sense in the grand scheme of your gaming.

    You may feel as though other web browsers, such as Microsoft Edge and Firefox will do the job for browsing sites and downloading files.

    But if you either have a hard drive partition that's focused solely on gaming, or a Gaming PC, it makes sense to have a web browser that tries to solve the same need.

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  • Your new TV or monitor could soon be made from rice

    Quantum Dot LED technology might be better recognized as QLED, the name that Samsung and TCL use across marketing material, but you might not be aware that its production requires some fairly toxic components – thankfully, scientists in Japan have found a way to not only reduce these harmful substances, but also put some food waste to good use.

    As reported by Tom's Hardware, it was discovered that rice husks can be used as a decent source of porous silicon (Si) and silicon oxide (SiO2) which, as with traditional silicon, has a wide range of applications within the world of tech. 

    Ken-ichi Saitow, lead study author and a professor of chemistry at Hiroshima University spoke to Tech Xplore on the matter, stating "Since typical QDs often involve toxic material, such as cadmium, lead, or other heavy metals, environmental concerns have been frequently deliberated when using nanomaterials. Our proposed process and fabrication method for QDs minimizes these concerns."

    This is far from a perfected process, but it certainly has some promise. Currently, the scientists developing the innovative recycling method aren't completely satisfied enough to welcome it onto commercial production lines. But they claim that they want to further develop the luminescence efficiency and more complex issues like the light spectrum responses outside of the orange-red zone.

    Still, actually seeing this method applied within displays that are shipped out to our homes might not be all that far away, which is fantastic news given TVs and monitors using quantum dot technology can achieve better brightness levels, contrast and life expectancy than OLED screens. The fact that there is no risk of burn-in is also a bonus that offers consumers some peace of mind.

    Not to mention this could help with some of our global food waste. It's estimated that about 100 million tons of rice husk waste are produced globally, and research suggests that we could look into other areas of agricultural waste to produce silicon, with crops like barley, wheat and even grass being rich in the element.

    Opinion: Quirky, quantum goodness 

    I often speak candidly about the conflict between my eco-anxiety and love of tech, so while I initially thought this could be a tad niche or gimmicky, I'm genuinly excited about the possibilities. 

    When we talk about the term 'chip shortage' or 'silicon shortage', it's not exactly referring to a lack of the element itself, but more delays within the production process for tech – after all, it makes up 27.7% of our entire planet's crust, which places it as the second most abundant element within the earth behind oxygen, but that doesn't mean that harvesting it and then engineering it to suit our needs doesn't come with its own issues that are inherently harmful.

    Food waste is, however, an issue that contributes towards greenhouse gasses and rising global temperatures, and while some of this going towards animal feed in the farming industry, utilizing some of it as a sustainable alternative in our current production certainly sounds like a positive.

    The discussions are only focused on display technology for now, but perhaps years down the line we could see some of these methods applied to the production of traditional silicon wafers, too.

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