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HPE will soon be able to deliver HPC solutions as-a-service

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has announced that it will soon be offering its high performance computing (HPC) solutions as a service. 

The technology will be delivered via HPE GreenLake, its pay-per-use, cloud platform, and should enable more enterprises to access the power of HPC.

HPE GreenLake will provide a flexible way for firms to manage their most resource-intensive AI or machine learning initiatives. Compared to traditional HPC deployments, it promises to deliver significantly reduced complexity and costs.


HPE GreenLake delivers fully-managed, pre-bundled services based on purpose-built HPC systems, as well as software, storage, and networking solutions that come in small, medium, or large options. A self-service portal enables customers to select the configuration that suits their workload and receive it in just 14 days.

Although HPC solutions provide enterprises with the ability to conduct simulations, analytics, and other tasks that simply wouldn’t be possible with standard applications, they are often expensive and complex to install. Many businesses that would benefit from HPC are deterred from entering the space due to operating costs and a lack of HPC technical staff.

Through HPE GreenLake, HPE is promising to speed up the deployment of HPC projects by up to 75% and reduce capital expenditures by as much as 40%. The first pre-bundled HPC offerings through HPE GreenLake will be made generally available in the spring of next year.

“The massive growth in data, along with artificial intelligence and high performance analytics, is driving an increased need for HPC in enterprises of all sizes, from the Fortune 500 to start-ups,” said Peter Ungaro, senior vice president and general manager of HPC and mission-critical solutions at HPE. 

“We are transforming the market by delivering industry-leading HPC solutions in simplified, pre-configured services that control costs and improve governance, scalability, and agility through HPE GreenLake. These HPC cloud services enable any enterprise to access the most powerful HPC and AI capabilities and unlock greater insights that will power their ability to advance critical research and achieve bold customer outcomes.”


11 Dec 2020



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