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HP launches back to school sales with big savings on laptop and gaming laptop deals

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HP's latest laptop deals are offering big savings on Pavilion, Envy, Spectre, and other cheaper models as part of their new back to school sale. There are some excellent prices on offer right now, with savings reaching up to $350 off everything from everyday runners to more powerful computers. 

Highlights include this full-sized HP 15z with 8GB RAM and a 128GB SSD for just $389.99 (was $449), as well as $220 in savings on the HP Pavilion x360. Or, if you're looking for something with the latest i7 processor, big storage, and Nvidia graphics you'll find the HP Spectre has a $150 discount this week as well. 

Gaming laptop deals are also offering some compelling offers in HP's latest sales - from an HP Pavilion with far better specs than its new $899 price tag would suggest all the way to the HP Omen (now available for $929.99). 

We're rounding up all the top laptop deals in this week's HP sale just below, but if you want to check out more options you can find plenty more cheap laptops on sale around the web. Or, take a look at the best back to school sales going on right now. 

Laptop deals

HP back to school laptop deals

HP 15z-ef100 15.6-inch laptop: $449.99 $389.99 at HP
There's a whole 8GB of RAM under the hood of this cheap laptop deal from HP - an excellent amount of memory for under $400 that will easily have you multi-tasking with speed and ease. Plus, you're also getting a 128GB SSD and AMD Athlon Gold processor 3150U processor with Radeon graphics as well.
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HP 14t 14-inch laptop: $519.99 $479.99 at HP
You can save $40 on this 14t HP laptop this week. A 10th generation i3 processor will keep everyday browsing and light work speedy, while 8GB RAM and a 256GB SSD offer good memory and storage specs for this price point.
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HP Pavilion x360 14-inch touchscreen laptop: $749.99 $529.99 at HP
Save $220 on this HP Pavilion x360 touchscreen laptop in the latest back to school sales. You're picking up a 10th generation i5 processor in here, as well as 8GB RAM and a 256GB SSD. If you're looking to step things up though, you'll find similar specs with an upgraded 12GB of RAM on the 15.6-inch HP 15 for just $20 more.
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HP Pavilion 15z 15.6-inch touchscreen laptop: $769.99 $599.99 at HP
There's some serious power in this HP Pavilion laptop - a Ryzen 7 processor, Vega 10 GPU, 12GB RAM and a massive 512GB SSD. There's a $170 discount available right now, making this an excellent value laptop deal. You will find a configuration of this model available for $20 less, but while you're gaining an extra 4GB of RAM you're dropping too many other specs to make this offer worthwhile.
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HP Pavilion 15t 15.6-inch laptop: $1,129.99 $779.99 at HP
A 10th generation i7 processor makes this a particularly powerful laptop, and that 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD and 32GB of Intel Optane memory certainly help out as well. This is a particularly high value laptop deal if you're looking for something that can handle demanding computing processes with ease, or if you're going to be juggling higher performance programs.
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HP Envy x360 15.6-inch touchscreen laptop: $949.99 $787.64 at HP
You're dropping down the scale on a few specs in order to pick up the more expensive HP Envy x360 here, but there's still a $162 saving up for grabs. The 10th generation i7 processor is still sticking around, but you'll find 8GB RAM, 256GB of SSD storage, and 16GB Intel Optane memory inside.
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HP Spectre x360 15.6-inch laptop: $1,499.99 $1,349.99 at HP
Boasting a UHD 4K display on a gorgeous slimline display, the HP Spectre is a good looking laptop. What's more, you can save $150 at HP right now, and take home a 10th generation i7 processor, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, and Nvidia GeForce MX330 GPU.
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Gaming laptop deals

Top gaming laptop deals in HP's sales

HP Pavilion Gaming 15.6-inch gaming laptop: $1,099.99 $899.99 at HP
$899 is a fantastic price to pay for this HP Pavilion gaming laptop. With a hexa-core 9th generation i7 processor, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660Ti Max-Q graphics, you're getting upper mid-range specs for an excellent price thanks to a $200 discount.
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HP Omen 15.6-inch gaming laptop: $1,029 $929.99 at HP
HP Omen gaming laptop deals don't come cheap, so picking up a $100 discount on this 15.6-inch model is a great opportunity. There's a 10th gen i7 processor in here, with 8GB RAM, a 512GB SSD and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Ti graphics as well.
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HP Omen 17.3-inch gaming laptop: $1,099.99 $999.99 at HP
If you're after a larger display, you can also pick up this 17.3-inch HP Omen gaming laptop on sale. You are dropping down to an i5 processor here and halving your SSD to 256GB but alongside that extra screen space, there's also improved GTX 1660 Ti graphics inside.
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Looking for more cheap gaming laptops? We're rounding up the top offers happening right now on TechRadar. However, if you're looking for an everyday browser you can also check out the latest cheap Chromebook deals available as well. 


04 Aug 2020



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