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How to change your Houseparty password or reset it

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Houseparty is a social networking application that allows up to eight people to video chat in virtual rooms. You can easily switch between these virtual rooms, and there’s no limit to how many rooms you can be registered with. You receive a notification each time a friend opens the app (unless they disable this notification in the settings).

Houseparty is available as an app for Android and iOS, and there’s a Google Chrome extension. On Windows and Mac, you can go to to use Houseparty.

In our example, we’ll use the Houseparty website on a Windows computer to change our password, but the process is roughly the same on all platforms.

How to change your Houseparty password

Houseparty password

From within the Houseparty app, click on the settings cogwheel (Image credit: Houseparty)

Houseparty password

Scroll down and choose Log out (Image credit: Houseparty)

Houseparty password

Confirm that you want to log out by clicking Yes (Image credit: Houseparty)

Houseparty password

Click on Forgot password? (Image credit: Houseparty)

Houseparty password

Enter your email address (Image credit: Houseparty)

Houseparty password

You’ll receive an email from Houseparty with a password reset link (Image credit: Houseparty)

Houseparty password

After clicking the link, choose a new password. Type it again to confirm it (Image credit: Houseparty)

Houseparty doesn’t have a settings menu designated to changing your password, so if you want to update your password, you’ll need to follow the steps to reset it completely.

This begins by logging out of the app. Click on the Settings cogwheel in the menu to the left and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Select the Log out button beside the red X. You’ll be asked whether you’re sure you want to log out, so click on Yes.

Now you will be brought to the login page. Instead of entering your username and password, click on Forgot password?. Enter the email address that you used to register your Houseparty account and hit Reset Password. You’ll receive an email from Houseparty that includes an auto-generated link to change your password.

Click on the link in the password. Now, choose a new password for your Houseparty account. Remember that your password should be unique and difficult for anyone to guess. Don’t reuse the same password on multiple sites.

Once you’ve committed to a new password, type it again in the second form field and click Reset Password. Your Houseparty password has now been updated.

How to reset your Houseparty password

Houseparty password

Click on the Forgot Password? link to begin resetting your Houseparty password (Image credit: Houseparty)

The process to reset your Houseparty password is almost identical to the process for changing it.

If you’ve forgotten your Houseparty password, click on Forgot Password on the login page. You’ll be asked for the email address you used to register your Houseparty account.

Enter your email to be sent a password reset link. Clicking on this link will bring you to the password reset page where you can enter a new password. Click on Reset Password to create a new password for your account.


26 Sep 2020



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