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Google is making it easier to delete your recent search history on phone: Here’s how

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The Google search history often tells a lot about the user. It tells what the users have been looking for online and also gives a sneak peek into their browsing habits. And since smartphones are the most used gadgets these days, you end up searching for stuff on your phone every now and then.

Hence more often than not we find people deleting their search history once they’ve searched for a thing that is not intended to be known. However, the biggest concern here has been the fact that Google only gives us a limited option when it comes to deleting search history.

To date, users can either wipe off everything from their Google app or delete entries one by one or worst, leave the search history as it is. Identifying the gap here, Google has added a new option that lets users delete search history with just a tap of a button. The new option introduced by the search engine giant reads “Delete last 15 min” and does exactly what it is expected to.

This new privacy feature to delete partial search history was introduced by Google at the recent Google I/O developers conference and according to Google, it is one of the most demanded features by the users.

While Google has not yet made this new feature available for everyone and plans to make it available to everyone in a few days, here is a quick guide for the users who are already using the latest Android operating system

How to delete the last 15 minutes of search history from your phone? 

Google will soon allow you to delete recently search entries, all you need to do is to follow the below process: 

  • Go to Google App on your phone
  • Tap on your profile picture on the top right to access settings
  • Next page, you’ll see an option “Delete last 15 minutes” and all you need to do is to tap it and the entries from the last 15 days from your search history will be deleted

Additionally, Google will also make it possible to delete the entire search history easily. The new two-tap process to delete search history will be rolled out soon as well. Remember though, once you delete the search history, all the details from Google’s My Activity section will also be deleted.

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20 May 2021



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