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Confirmed: Realme Book laptop to launch on August 18 in India

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The Realme Book Slim is the company’s first laptop that promises to “check all the boxes”. It will make its global debut in India next week.

The Realme Book laptop will be unveiled on August 18 at 12.30 pm — alongside the Realme GT series of smartphones. This will be a continuation of the brand’s 1+5+T AIoT product strategy with the phone being at the centre of the experience, followed by other connected devices.

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Ahead of the launch, the company has revealed many of the key features and specifications of the Realme Book Slim laptop. For starters, it will have a very sleek profile with a lightweight metal body and will come in three colours: silver, blue and apricot. 

On the inside, it will be powered by the 11th gen Intel Core i5-1135G7 with 16GB of RAM, though there are likely to be slightly lower-specced variants as well, at cheaper prices. Intel Iris Xe integrated graphics will also make the cut.

According to the brand, the Realme Book Slim will have the best display on a laptop in its segment. It will be a 14-inch 3:2 screen with a 2K resolution (2160 x 1440), slim bezels and 100% coverage of the sRGB colour gamut. The webcam will reside in the top bezel.

(Image credit: Realme)

The only red flag that we foresee for now is its port selection — two USB Type-C ports, one full-sized USB and a 3.5mm audio jack might not be enough for all users. Thankfully, the charging will take place over the Type-C port, so that will be one less cable to worry about.

The Realme Book battery capacity will be around 54Wh, suggests another leak. We also expect to see fast charging on the laptop. Some teasers also mentioned magnetic wireless charging but that remains unconfirmed.

The Realme Book laptop price in India is expected to be in the range of Rs 40,000 to Rs 50,000.

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11 Aug 2021



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    Wordle Guesses

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    Your biggest leap will always be that first word. I can choose any five-letter word but, generally, dismiss anything with double letters, as per our guide on how to win at Wordle

    There are two goals: Get as many correct letters in the right spots as possible and miraculously guess the word on the first try. Thus far, I've never accomplished the latter.

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    Mixed results

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    (Yes, I know those of you that love Wordle's Hard Mode will look down upon me. But the stats show that I'm in the majority of people playing the game, so I'm OK with it.)

    Obviously, "Rough" is not the word, but I'm hoping a few of those letters are winners.  As I prepare to hit enter, it occurs to me I'm doing all this before my first cup of coffee. That may be a mistake.

    Second word guess

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    Double the fun

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    Second word result

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    Three's the charm?

    With four letters, I plan to spend a few minutes trying different letter combinations in my head and on the Wordle board before committing (hitting "Enter"). I need strategy, inspiration, and luck.

    Two vowels and two consonants make me think this isn't one of those oddball words or one where people might accuse The New York Times of making the game harder.

    One hurdle: Only one letter is in the right place but I think old friends "C" and "H" might be paired together at the start of the Wordle answer.

    I have the tiniest epiphany. An open vowel, like "O," has to go after "CH." If that's the case, there's really only one choice for what can go between "CHO" and the "E" that we know does belong at the end.

    Still wishing I was holding a cup of coffee in my hand, I hit enter.

    Third word

    (Image credit: Future)

    Wait, what?

    Third word result

    (Image credit: Future)

    Not gonna lie, I am shocked. I really thought "CHOSE" was the answer. It's a great five-letter word, and S is one of the most popular letters. I'm honestly bummed that I missed out on solving Wordle in three. 

    In a situation like this, where four of the correct letters are also in their correct places, the task becomes relatively simple: go through the remaining letters in your head, slotting each one into the open spot.

    The only obvious answer is what just happened to me a moment ago. 

    Fourth word

    (Image credit: Future)


    I can't really blame myself for first choosing "CHOSE" over "CHOKE." I'm generally positive, totally non-violent, and I'm not into sports. The word simply never occurred to me. 

    I also consider myself lucky - CHORE is a word using the more popular R in the space there, and that could have seen me do this in five attempts, despite a strong strategy.

    In the end, this is a pretty good result and Wordle credits me with a "Splendid" for my efforts. How did you do?

    Fourth word result

    (Image credit: Future)

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