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Claim a free pair of £129 AKG Y500 Wireless headphones with the Samsung Galaxy Book S from Currys

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We have a hot deal to tell you about. Buy a Samsung Galaxy Book S Windows laptop before March 23 and you can claim a pair of AKG Y500 Wireless headphones worth £129. These are incredible headphones too, rated five stars out of five by What Hi-Fi.

You can buy the Samsung Galaxy Book S today starting from £949 at Currys. Several other Samsung Galaxy Book series laptops are part of this offer too, including the high-end Galaxy Book Ion and the convertible Galaxy Book Flex.

But today we're going to focus on the Galaxy Book S, because for many it is the perfect sub-£1000 portable lifestyle computer.

Intel's latest technology

The Intel Core i5 processor with Hybrid Technology is the magic piece of technology that makes all the rest possible. This is a tiny but powerful CPU that uses very little battery but still lets you comfortably use pro-grade applications like Adobe Photoshop.

And even if you don't need that much power, it allows for two of the key strengths of the Samsung Galaxy Book S.

This laptop does not have a fan. It doesn’t need one. And that means it runs silent 24/7.

Low power consumption also lets the Samsung Galaxy Book S last for up to 17 hours between charges. It sails through a full day of work, letting you move around the house or office without having to think about where the nearest plug socket is.

A dream portable laptop

The Samsung Galaxy Book S is the kind of laptop that doesn't just want to spend its life sat on a desk too, because it weighs just 950g. Samsung has not had to compromise on build to get the weight that low either. 

The Samsung Galaxy Book S has an aluminium shell, providing that lovely cool-to-the-touch feel of metal and great tensile strength.

There's more too. You get up to 512GB storage, enough for a huge library of applications and media. And there are high-quality speakers tuned by AKG, enhanced by Dolby Atmos processing, which elevate the Samsung Galaxy Book S as a portable movie machine.

We are also fans of the Samsung Galaxy Book S' screen. It measures 13.3 inches across and has a 1080p resolution panel. That's the perfect shape for Netflix, and the perfect size to balance the priorities of portability and having a screen large enough to work on comfortably all day, every day.

It's a touchscreen, which we find particularly handy when having some downtime with a laptop.

Galaxy Book S versus Flex and Ion

A laptop this light, long-lasting and capable makes you wonder, where's the catch? There isn't one in the Samsung Galaxy Book S for most people. However, some of you may want to consider switching up to the Galaxy Book Flex and Galaxy Book Ion.

Both of these use the processors from a different Intel family, one with a little more power on tap to handle tough jobs like video editing. The Galaxy Book Flex also includes a smart S-Pen stylus that slots right into the frame. It supports pressure sensitivity, making the S-Pen a wonderful digital art tool.

The Samsung Galaxy Book S, Galaxy Book Ion and Galaxy Book Flex are all available from Currys, from £949. And once you've made the purchase, don't forget to claim your free pair of AKG Y500 Wireless headphones. 

You'll need to fill in a quick form on Samsung's website within 30 days. These headphones are worth having.


17 Mar 2021



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