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CDN provider Fastly seals huge Signal Sciences acquisition to boost application security

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The CDN provider Fastly has announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Signal Sciences for $775m in cash and stock.

By acquiring the security monitoring and management company, Fastly will be able to bolster its existing security offerings to bring customers a unified edge security solution. At the same time though, the CDN provider will also combine its current solutions with Signal Sciences' technology to form its new security offering, Secure@Edge.

Secure@Edge will be a new modern, unified web application and API protection solution that will protect organizations that are looking to start or further their digital transformation efforts.

By combining content delivery and security, Fastly will ensure that businesses' websites don't go down and that browsers will be able to quickly download and deliver their content. Online companies often choose Fastly or even its competitor Cloudflare for this reason.

Signal Sciences acquisition

The Signal Sciences acquisition also supports Fastly's mission to provide simplified, secure and frictionless solutions at scale while providing organizations with a better alternative to the existing array of fragmented solutions needed to protect their web applications and APIs.

Co-founder and CEO of Signal Sciences, Andrew Peterson praised the deal in a press release, saying:

“Our mission has always been to secure web applications and APIs through a developer-first approach. Together with Fastly, we will be able to offer enhanced protection to a broader set of customers across multiple verticals and geographies. We are thrilled to be joining forces with Fastly, an ideal partner who shares our values, deep technical knowledge, and commitment to extending the DevOps movement into the realm of security.”

Under the terms of the definitive agreement, Fastly will acquire Signal Sciences for $200m in cash and approximately $575m worth of Class A Common Stock. The CDN provider will also establish a retention pool of $50m worth of restricted stock units which will be given to Signal Sciences employees.

The acquisition is still subject to regulatory approval but both companies expect it to close in 2020.

Via TechCrunch


01 Sep 2020



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