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Best back to school sales in the UK: save on laptops, iPads, headphones and more

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Find the best back to school sales for you:

back to school sales

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Back to school sales seem to start earlier and earlier every year, so if you're already planning ahead to the September term you'll find plenty of retailers helping you save cash on the big back to school shop. Whether you're off to University and looking for the best laptops and software packages to get you started, or simply after a new set of headphones for the journey to school we're bringing you the best discounts available now. 

We've seen plenty of retailers offering savings on everything from cheap tablets to headphones in preparation for the back to school rush this year as well with top savings on a range of electronics and supplies from retailers like Currys, Amazon, Argos, and Very. 

The latest sales are listed directly below, or you can check out the best laptop, tablet, headphones, printers, monitors, and software deals on sale right now further down the page. 

All the best back to school sales

Back to school laptop deals

Asus Vivobook 14-inch laptop: £249.99 £199.99 at Amazon
Save £50 -
We rarely see Windows laptops offering larger 14-inch displays this cheap, but this Asus Vivobook at £199.99 is looking particularly strong this week. You're getting an Intel Celeron N4020 processor with 4GB RAM and 64GB of storage here as well, great specs at this price point.

Asus E410MA 14-inch laptop: £329 £259 at Currys
Save £70 -
We rarely see Windows machines worth running available for under £300, let alone £259. Not only that, but you're moving beyond the standard 64GB of storage we might expect in this price range, picking up 128GB of eMMC space. That Intel N4020 processor and 4GB RAM mean this is still a light-use machine though.

Lenovo V14 14-inch laptop: £399 £349.97 at Laptops Direct
Save £50 -
This is a great price for an 8GB RAM / 256GB SSD machine, even if you are sacrificing a little processing power with the AMD Athlon Gold 3150U. This configuration is perfect for those looking for more storage and memory power than they would normally find in the £300 price range, though.

Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5i 13.3-inch 2-in-1 Chromebook: £429 £399 at Currys
Save £30 -
Premium Chromebooks like this one can often still only offer 64GB of storage space, due to the fact that Chrome OS requires so little room to work. However, this cheap Lenovo IdeaPad is providing a 128GB SSD which is excellent value for money. Not only that, but the 2-in-1 design here is also a premium feature, so this £30 discount is working particularly hard for you this week.

Asus Vivobook M413IA 14-inch laptop: £569 £499.97 at Laptops Direct
Save £90 -
The £90 price cut on this Asus Vivobook laptop deal yields a sub-£500 price tag here. That's particularly impressive considering there's 512GB of SSD storage tucked away inside this slimline 14-inch machine. 8GB RAM and a Ryzen 5 processor are decent specs at this price point as well.

Apple MacBook Air (M1): £999 £898 at Amazon
Save £101 -
You're saving just over £100 on the latest MacBook Air here, and one with the powerful M1 chip at the helm no less. That's an excellent price - even if we have seen it around £20 cheaper in the past in a particularly speedy flash sale. This configuration offers 8GB RAM and a 256GB SSD.

The best back to school stationery deals

Command Strips (4 pairs medium, 8 pairs large): £10.99 £5.80 at Amazon
Save £5.19 -
Command Strips are perfect for mounting pictures or posters without leaving a last mark on the wall, but they generally come at quite the cost. Right now you can pick up a value pack of four medium pairs and eight large pairs for just £5.80 - that's the cheapest we've ever seen this pack at Amazon.

Rocketbook Everlast smart notebook: £29.99 £14.99 at Ryman
Save £15 -
We've never seen Amazon go below £16 on the Rocketbook Everlast, so this £14.99 price from Ryman is looking particularly good right now. You're getting the A5 reusable notebook here, perfect for syncing all your notes digitally, as well as the Pilot FriXion pen required to use the notebook as well.

3 for 2 on select stationery at Paperchase
Paperchase's current back to school sale is offering three items from its basics collection for the price of two right now. You'll find everything from multi-tabbed notebooks to arrow page markers to files and folders here, with some already great prices to boot.

Buy one get one free on pens, highlighters, markers and more at Ryman
Ryman is offering two for the price of one on plenty of big brands' school supplies right now. From Staedtler whiteboard markers to Pilot Frixion pens you'll find a range of prices to double up with here, which means you'll have a full set ready come September.

Back to school headphone deals

Jabra Elite 45h wireless headphones: £89.99 £69.99 at Amazon
Save £20 -
You can now pick up the Jabra Elite 45h wireless headphones for just £69.99 at Amazon. That's 99p off the lowest price we've ever seen on these Bluetooth sound isolating headphones, and a cost that Amazon likes to jump down to every few weeks. That means you're getting a great price here, well worth it if you missed this discount over Prime Day.

AirPods 2019: £159 £119.97 at Laptops Direct
Save £40 -
Laptops Direct currently has the 2019 AirPods on sale for £119, that's the cheapest price we've found for the standard true wireless earbuds today. Amazon is still charging £5 more for this model, however, it should be noted that you'll be paying that additional £5 in delivery fees at Laptops Direct instead.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro: £219 £139 at Amazon
Save £80 -
The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro have just dropped to a brand new record low price at Amazon. While that previous record sat at £149 (and you'll still find that price on Samsung's own official Amazon storefront), this third party offer is offering the lowest price yet and with Prime shipping as well.

AirPods Pro: £249 £179.97 at Laptops Direct
Save £70 -
While we have been seeing the AirPods Pro much closer to £200 than that original £249 recently, Laptops Direct is still leading the way here. In fact, even with that pesky £5 shipping charge you're still getting a better price than Amazon's £189.98 cost here, and grabbing the buds for their lowest price yet.

Bose 700: £349.95 £249 at Amazon
Save £100 -
While we have seen the Bose 700s cheaper in the past we've only seen them drop down as far as £214 and only very briefly. £249 is still a great sales price, and one that Amazon has only returned to a few times this year so far, so you're still getting an excellent saving considering we tend to see these cups at about £280.

Back to school tablet deals

Lenovo Tab M10 FHD Plus (64GB): £199.99 £179.99 at Lenovo
Save £20 -
Lenovo is the only retailer offering this £20 discount on its M10 FHD Plus tablet right now, which makes this one of the best ways to pick up a cheap slab before September. You're getting a 10.3-inch display here, with 64GB of storage, all running on an Android Pie operating system with a 5000mAh battery.

iPad 8th generation (32GB) | 5 months Apple Music, Arcade, and News+ free: £329 at Currys
iPad deals on the 8th generation have been scarce in the UK, so this offer from Currys attempts to sweeten the deal by throwing in five months of a range of Apple services for free. Note, if you have already used each service you'll only get two months of Apple Music and four months of Arcade and News+.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 (128GB): £619 £519 at Amazon
Save £100 -
The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 has been cheaper before, but only by an additional £20 off and not since way back in March. Plus, we've only seen a cheaper price than this £519 offer once before. That means you're getting a fantastic offer on a premium Samsung tablet here, saving £100 on the original £619 RRP.

iPad Air 4 (64GB) | 5 months Apple Music, Arcade and News+: £579 £549 at Currys
Save £30 -
iPad deals on the Air 4 have dropped in quality a little this week, though there are still some excellent options out there. The best is this £549 price tag at Currys. Amazon is matching this price on certain colours, but with much longer shipping times and you can even grab up to five months of Apple Music, Arcade and News+ for free with Currys as well.

iPad Pro 12.9-inch 2020 (128GB): £969 £839.97 at Laptops Direct
Save £130 -
Laptops Direct not only has the lowest price on the 12.9-inch 2020 iPad Pro, but it's one of the few retailers that still has stock. This model is flying off the shelves now that those prices have taken a tumble, but you'll still find inventory up for grabs here.

Back to school monitor deals

Samsung 24-inch curved monitor (LC24T550FDUXEN): £179 £129 at Currys
Save £50 -
If you're looking for a smaller 24-inch monitor, but don't want to lose the sense of depth or immersion that a larger screen can offer, this curved option from Samsung is looking particularly price efficient right now. You're getting a 75Hz refresh rate at 1080p here, with an HDMI and VGA input as well.

HP 23.8-inch gaming monitor (x24ih): £189 £139 at AO
Save £50 -
This HP gaming monitor is capable of running at a 144Hz refresh rate. That's excellent for £139, especially with AMD FreeSync baked in. If you're looking to get some gaming done on the side, this is an excellent buy - compact enough to save space on a desk but powerful enough to offer excellent everyday and gaming performance for the money.

BenQ 28-inch HDR 4K monitor (EL2870UE): £242.25 £199.98 at eBuyer
Save £43 -
This HDR 4K monitor is down to just under £200 at eBuyer. That's an excellent price for a larger than average 4K display, and especially one with a respectable 60Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, and AMD FreeSync for gaming as well.

Back to school software deals

Students get Office 365 Education for free at Microsoft
Students can get access to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Teams for free. All you need to do is enter a valid school or university email address to receive your free software.

Students and teachers save 65% on Adobe Creative Cloud at Adobe
You can also save 65% on your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, offering up access to all the Creative Cloud apps including Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. That's a saving of £33.70 a month.

Back to school desk deals

Kids school desks from £52.99 at Wayfair
Wayfair has a massive range of kids desks for school available, with prices starting at just £52.99, including a wide supply of sizes, features and heights as well.

Vecelo computer writing desk: £59.99 £49.99 at Amazon
Save £10 -
This Vecelo computer desk has just taken its first ever price cut at Amazon, dropping the final cost down below £50. That's excellent value for a stylish, modern desk with two shelving slots and a 109cm length. Not only that, but this collection is all fully modular, so you can grow your desk set up as and when you need to as well.

Office desks on sale from £33 at Argos
Argos offers a selection of office and school desks with some great price tags attached. From smaller surfaces for younger children all the way through to wider desks with some great features for teenagers and uni students learning from home.


12 Jul 2021



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