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Back to school sales offer big discounts on MacBook deals with free AirPods thrown in

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MacBook deals are seeing some fantastic price cuts in the latest back to school sales. From the latest MacBook Pro and Air models to big discounts on older versions, there's plenty of reductions on luxury Apple laptops right now. Plus, if you're a student you'll also find free AirPods thrown into the mix as well. 

The latest MacBook Air has dropped down to $899 this week at a number of retailers (£949 in the UK). Among them is Apple, which is also offering a free pair of AirPods with every MacBook purchase. That means you can save cash and bag some extra value by shopping Apple direct, especially considering this configuration has been listed for $999 in the past. 

If you're looking for MacBook Pro deals, you'll be shopping at B&H Photo for a 13-inch model or Amazon for the massive 16-inch powerhouse. The former is still holding well at $1,179 for the 2019 model, a great sales price that's stuck around for a few weeks now. Of course, if you're after Dolby Atmos speakers, the Magic keyboard and double the storage you can also save $100 on the 2020 version, with similar savings available at Amazon in the UK. 

If you need some serious power, however, there's still time to save $300 on the 16-inch MacBook Pro. This model did drop below $2,000 a couple of weeks ago, but that price certainly didn't last long. That means this is your best shot at picking up a 16-inch MacBook deal for the foreseeable future.  

We're rounding up all these MacBook deals just below, but you'll find plenty more prices further down the page as well. 

MacBook deals: US

Today's best MacBook deals in the US

2020 MacBook Air | AirPods | $899 at Apple
Grab the 2020 MacBook Air with a free set of AirPods for just $899 at Apple right now. That's a fantastic offer considering this laptop was previously listed for $999. There's also some considerable power in this entry model - a 10th generation i3 processor, 8GB RAM and 256GB of SSD storage.
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2019 13-inch MacBook Pro | $1,499 $1,179 at B&H Photo
If you'd like a little more power you can pick up this 2019 MacBook Pro, offering up a 1.4GHz i5 processor, with the same 8GB RAM / 256GB SSD configuration as above. You're saving $320 here, and you can even save on a range of Adobe and Microsoft Office 365 software when you build up a bundle as well.
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2020 13-inch MacBook Pro | $1,499 $1,399 at B&H Photo
If you're only here for the latest MacBook Pro deals, you'll find the 2020 model available for $100 off at B&H Photo as well. You're picking up the same 1.4GHz i5 processor as the 2019 model above, but doubling your storage space up to 512GB and picking up the Magic Keyboard and Dolby Atmos speakers.
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2020 16-inch MacBook Pro | $2,399 $2,099 at Amazon
Amazon has cut $300 off the price of this premium 16-inch MacBook Pro. That means you can grab big specs for less right now, with the particular model sporting a 9th generation hexacore i7 processor, 16GB RAM and 512GB of SSD storage.
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MacBook deals: UK

Today's best MacBook deals in the UK

MacBook Pro / Air 2020 | AirPods | Save at the Apple Education Store
UK shoppers will have to have their student cards ready, because Apple is only offering its free AirPods to verified students in the UK. If you have a UNiDAYS account, you stand to save some considerable cash on your laptop as well as discounted AppleCare+ and other accessories as well.
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2020 MacBook Air | £999 £949 at Currys
Currys has cut £50 off the price of its range of MacBook Air laptops this week, returning the line to a previous sales price that proved very popular earlier in the month. With some serious power packed into this entry-level model you're not skimping on the specs either.
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2020 13-inch MacBook Pro | £1,299 £1,099 at Amazon
Amazon's own MacBook deals are also offering £200 off the latest 13-inch MacBook Pro. If you're after speedier performance, more ports, and that all-important touchbar, this is worth the extra cash over the Air.
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More MacBook deals

We're rounding up plenty more MacBook Pro deals and MacBook Air sales right here on TechRadar, but if you're after something a little more flexible you can take a look at the best iPad Pro deals going as well. 


02 Aug 2020



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