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Adobe accelerates video push with $1.3bn deal

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Creativity powerhouse Adobe has announced it is acquiring, a cloud-based video collaboration platform. 

In a press release, Adobe said the deal is valued at $1.275 billion, and is subject to “customary purchase price adjustments”. If all goes to plan, the deal should be closed in the fourth quarter of Adobe’s 2021 fiscal year, pending regulatory approval and customary closing conditions. Until then, both companies will continue operating independently. 

Once the deal is completed, co-founder and CEO Emery Wells, and co-founder John Traver, will join Adobe. Wells will remain the leader of the team and will report to Chief Product Officer and Executive Vice President for Creative Cloud, Scott Belsky. is a company founded in 2014, with the goal of better streamlining the creative process of making a video. There are many stakeholders involved in creating video content, from video editors, producers, agencies, and clients, and collaborating on video production has historically been challenging, Adobe explains.

Disjoined workflows

“Today’s video workflows are disjointed with multiple tools and communication channels being used to solicit stakeholder feedback. eliminates the inefficiencies of video workflows by enabling real-time footage upload, access, and in-line stakeholder collaboration in a secure and elegant experience across surfaces,” Adobe added in its press release.

Adobe believes that by combining with its own creative software such as Premiere Pro and After Effects, it will be able to deliver a collaboration platform “that powers the video editing process.” It hopes the platform will be to the benefit of all - video editors, producers, marketers, and many others. customers will “benefit from the innovation generated by the combined Adobe Creative Cloud and teams,” it said.

“We’ve entered a new era of connected creativity that is deeply collaborative, and we imagine a world where everyone can participate in the creative process,” said Scott Belsky.

“With this acquisition, we’re welcoming an incredible customer-oriented team and adding’s cloud-native workflow capabilities to make the creative process more collaborative, productive, and efficient to further unleash creativity for all.”


20 Aug 2021



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  • Messenger calls and chats are now fully encrypted - if you want them to be

    Meta-owned Messenger has announced the launch of end-to-end (E2E) encryption across its platform, meaning chats and calls should be safe from snooping.

    Users can now choose whether to have their messages, group chats and calls fully encrypted when logged into the service. One option is to use vanish mode, which can be activated by swiping up on an existing chat to activate a new option where messages automatically disappear when the chat window is closed.

    There's also the Secret Conversations feature, first introduced back in 2016, which also offers fully-secured chats and can be toggled on by swiping on the lock icon when starting a new chat.

    E2E encryption on Messenger

    The launch is a slight surprise, given that Meta said in November 2021 that it would delay the roll out of E2E encryption by default on Messenger and Instagram until 2023 as it examined the effect such a move would have on users.

    "We know that people expect their messaging apps to be secure, private and provide them a space to be expressive," Timothy Buck, Product Manager, Messenger wrote in a company blog post.

    "Building secure and fun interactive features takes time and requires our engineers to innovate and solve technical challenges, so this is part of a series of product updates as we keep improving our services. With cybercrime and hacking on the rise, it’s more important than ever to find great ways to connect with friends and family through private and secure communications."

    "We know the importance of safety and privacy when it comes to communicating with the people who matter most to you. End-to-end encryption protects you and your data from hackers, criminals and other prying eyes."

    The news comes shortly after the UK government hired a top ad agency to help it launch a campaign against Meta's plans to introduce E2E for Messenger. The Home Office apparently believes the move will allegedly help criminals, and has pointed to Meta's WhatsApp platform, which also features E2E encryption as an example of unregulated technology leading to crime.

    Messenger's rivals have no such qualms, with many having already introduced E2E encryption already. Microsoft Teams announced its E2EE launch in December 2021, with Android Messages adding the facility back in June 2021.

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    But with wireless devices more common than ever before in 2022, Microsoft has decided to make the process simpler by replacing this 20-year method with an overview of the devices that are paired to your PC, without having to leave the app or the desktop.

    This is yet another example of the company making processes easier for users in Windows 11, but there's still more work to do in this area, with features that macOS users have had for years.

    Analysis: From three clicks to one

    Windows 11 old Bluetooth settings

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    Connecting to wireless devices has never been as straightforward as connecting to a Wi-Fi network in Windows. Simply adding a Bluetooth section in Settings or the Control Panel felt unnecessary, especially with smartphones and Macs reducing the process to two steps.

    The Taskbar in Windows 11 has had a Quick Settings feature since its launch in October 2021, so you can directly access 'Focus' mode, audio settings, and more without leaving the app you were currently in.

    With Bluetooth being available in this panel as well, it will be very handy to those who have multiple devices connected to their PCs. This is rolling out to users who are on Windows Insider build 2567 and above. If you've not signed up to be a Windows Insider to help test early versions of Windows 11, this new and improved Bluetooth functionality will hopefully arrive later this year.

    It should be worth the wait, especially if you have multiple game controllers or headphones, it can help alleviate the confusion to be given a quick overview of what's not connected, and quickly resolve that.

    Having a battery status for each device will be a great help too in reminding users to charge them when needed.

    Quick settings for Bluetooth in macOS

    (Image credit: TechRadar)

    However, there's still more that can be done in this area. Other features such as switching between noise-canceling and equalizer modes for headphones could be a great help, similar to what Apple users have had on their Macs for a few years.

    But it's still a great step in the right direction to start with, and a much-needed feature in a time when many of us use Bluetooth devices almost every day for our PCs.

    Via WindowsLatest

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